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Marshall Pillowcases

After seeing the Spongebob pillowcases, Alan decided that he wanted some Marshall ones. With measurements fresh in my mind and supplies still out, I decided to whip up a couple for him last night. He chose the fabrics and I did the rest.

Because I missed out on the daylight pictures, the white fabric looks yellow in these pictures. It is not. It is bright white. I use a poly/cotton blend so that it would be a little softer right off the bat. A new fabric for me to sew with (I am used to 100% cotton) but it sewed up very nicely.

I made 2 of these. One is a regular sized pillowcase and the other is a king sized pillowcase.

I didn’t watch any TV while making these and they took me about an hour and a half to do 2 of them. Not too bad!



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Spongebob Pillowcases

So, after spending a few hours on Sat watching my cheesy movies, I decided on Sun that I didn’t feel like working on blocks. I wanted something a little more finished. Something I could get done today. (well, yesterday, technically)

So, I decided to use up some of my leftover Spongebob fabric and make a couple of pillowcases to go with the Spongebob quilt. Since I had never made a pillowcase before, I used a tutorial that I found on the Film in the Fridge blog to get measurements. The rest of pretty simple to do on my own.

I used some yellow that has been sitting in my stash for a while.

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More Watercolor Squares

These watercolor squares do not come together fast at all. I think if I didn’t enjoy watching CSI or cheesy TBS movies, I might get them done a little faster. 🙂 (Father of the Bride 1 and 2 were both one this past Saturday!)

The colors are starting to look really cool together. The warms and the cools mixed make for a very eclectic colored design. It looks really fun in person.

I have 1/6th of the squares done. 46 out of 270. (270 for a king, if I decide to do that)

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