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Christmas Stockings

I LOVE Christmas decorating. Tree, garland, little santa’s and snowmen. The whole 9 yards. But, I have a confession. We have never had christmas stockings in our house.
(Pause for dramatic gasp…)
I know…unacceptable! I have never really found any that I liked and if I did, it would be at a time when I couldn’t or didn’t want to spend the money.

So, this year, I said no more. I searched online and found a great, extremely easy, tutorial for christmas stockings from Positively Spendid.

I dug out some scrap christmas fabrics that Julie had given me years ago. Sparkly goodness that I have been holding onto for something small and holiday related.

People, these were so simple to make its ridiculous. I whipped them up so quickly that I didn’t take any photos as I was making them.

I took my pictures late last night so while the lighting is horrible, you can still see how cute they turned out.

I still have more scraps left…wonder what else I can come up with in the next 6 days 🙂

Merry Christmas!!



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December Sewing

Wow!! I can’t believe that it is already the end of 2013. This has been such a terrific year. I got my new sewing machine, went to my first sewing expo, a sister got married, and I started back to school. All such great things. Can’t wait to see what 2014 holds!

School has made things so crazy that I haven’t been sewing as much as I have wanted to, but I have gotten quite a few things done. That can be attributed to the fact that my quilts are being quilted by Creekside Quilting. She does such an amazing job and taking that step off of my hands right now has been extremely freeing.

I love looking pictures on other blogs so I am going to catch you up with some finishes and what I am currently working on. (Warning: kind of long!)

Finished – the Good Luck Quilt:
I have plans for this quilt. Can’t tell you what though 😉

Also finished – Good Fortune Quilt:
Ignore the wrinkles, I kind of forgot that it was in the dryer. Haha. This one is currently on my couch and keeping me warm as I write this.

3rd one finished – Christmas Countdown Quilt:
Ok, so this one is really like 90% done. Binding is made, it just needs sewn on and hand stitched down. Regardless, this one is already draped over the back of the couch for us to enjoy so I am counting it as a finish. 🙂

Last project finish – it’s a complete surprise for someone special so I can’t show it yet. I will soon. I promise!

Last weekend I took Big J (a Janome Horizon) to get some service done to it. Nothing was wrong but she was starting to sound kind of rough and after looking thru the last year of posts, I can understand why. I have put a lot of miles on her!! While she was out over the week, I took the time to cut up 3 other quilts. Whew! I had to change my rotary cutter blade twice!

I also starting cutting up my Swoon blocks from my Acacia fabric. These are some time consuming blocks to cut up! Each one has 61 pieces. There is a main fabric, a supporting fabric, and the background fabric. I am using a white fabric with honeycombs on it for the background fabric. If you remember, I used the same fabrics for my quilt guild blocks.
So far I am loving the pairs that I have put together. This is 5 out of 16 of them. I am really glad that I am cutting them all up before sewing any of them. It will be nice to not have to drag out the large cutting mat every time I get done sewing a block.

So, that’s all! Now that I have Big J back (I picked her up today) I can get started on some of those quilts that I cut up. With a new semester starting in Jan, it will be really nice to have all of these projects cut and ready to go.


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