Thimble Blossoms Mini Quilt Swap

Wow, its been a few weeks! Had my first test (aced it!) and the hubby and I have started playing tennis a couple of nights a week. When it isn’t raining. Between that stuff and normal every day life, sewing is a bit more scarce around here. I try to use my weekends as my major source of sewing time. Oh, and I bought a whiteboard for my sewing room so I am hoping that helps me with all the little things that I keep setting aside.

This weekend was spent working on my Thimble Blossoms Mini Quilt. I believe that I mentioned here that I was doing an IG Swap where not only was I a participant, but also a swap mama. Well, a few days after that one transpired, another one came along. Using a Thimble Blossom pattern and any fabric, make a mini for a swap. Well, I liked this one a lot because you have a defined set of patterns to choose from. And, to narrow it down even further, you would get to see what ones your partner loves/hates. So, I joined in. I don’t know who my partner is but it has been fun stalking the #thimbleblossomsminiquiltswap hashtag on Instagram trying to guess.

A couple of weeks ago, I showed you this bundle:

photo 4

Well, using this pattern:

Photo from Thimble Blossoms

I was able to make 9 of these:

photo 3


And than turn those into a sashed Mini-Quilt:

photo 4

I can’t tell you why I love it or why I think my partner will. I don’t want to give the surprise away!! I don’t think they read my blog but you never know. I will tell you that there are 29 pieces in each one of those 6.5″ blocks. That’s 261 pieces just for the 9 blocks!!! The whole thing is around 24″ square.

I started quilting it last night. I am extremely spoiled by having Julie do all my quilting and now it isn’t something that I think about. So for this one, I figured, keep it simple. I have a bad habit of jumping into something complicated and not finishing it or rushing if I have too. So, I did outlining on each side of the sashing with matching thread and now I am working on outlining the interiors of the stars with matching thread.

photo 5

I thought about outlining the 8 spokes of each block but that would take so much time that I just don’t have right now. I still have to get binding on it which takes precedence.

I am also trying to get hanging sleeves on my 3 quilt show quilts. I have 2 hanging sleeves, 1 binding, and 3 labels left. The countdown has begun. T minus 28 days. Whoa, Seeing that in writing is a bit scary. Guess I know what my evenings will hold for the next 3 to 4 weeks!








Photo from Thimble Blossoms


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