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Christmas Catch-up

Ok, update.

Lets see, Mario Quilt is on hold, but it about to come back out in the next few weeks as soon as the holidays are over.

Watercolor is about 20 squares from having all 130 done. Than it is on to putting it together. No sashing so it should come together very quickly. Maybe that can be my weekend goal! ohh, but i don’t know if I have a backing that I want to use for it…hmmmmm…

Lots of baby fabric shopping!!

A couple of flannels:

A couple of light cottons:

and a bunch of cottons with some minky that I got along with my black friday haul:

All of the fabrics on the right are backing fabrics, the pile on the left is baby stuff, a new self-healing mat, a new 12″ square ruler, a few spools of thread and a couple of yards in the middle  for a surprise.I am finding that the more projects I do, the need is there for more neutral piecing thread and more colored thread to quilt with. I go thru thread a lot faster than I thought I would. I got these at a buy one get one free. Next time, I plan on stocking up instead of just a couple. I also was able to get a few battings for half-off at Joanns.

Speaking of surprises, there are a few up my sleeve. One in particular that I am soooo excited about. I started working on it last night and I have to put part of it in the mail in the next week or so. Once I get everything back, I have high hopes of turning it all into a very special gift.

A couple of other surprises are xmas presents. The few pictures I have of those would spoil the surprise if I were to post them so they will not be up here until after the recipients discover that they love their gifts as much as I already do. haha





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