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Link Pillow

Another one of those secret projects that I had to wait to blog about. This was a birthday present. I was not able to do a quilt in time so I figured the next best thing would be a quilted pillow. I haven’t made many pillows so I wasn’t sure about this but I LOVE the end result. I think it turned out fabulous and can’t wait to make more!

I hunted around on the internet for Zelda items. I came across quite a few 8-bit Link pillows. Since I am doing Mario in 8-bit I figured that this would probably be pretty easy to figure out on my own. So out came the graph paper and a calculator. After cutting up some fabric that I already had in my stash, this is what it looked like:

(The beige/off-white is really a beige/off-white, not a pink as this picture shows)

I did really small stipple quilting all over. I used thread that matched the section of fabric that I was on.

Close-up of my stippling. Those strips are 1″ tall so the quilting is VERY small!

My corners got pretty pointy…I am going to have to play around with those on my next pillow and see if I can bring them in some.

The back was a simple envelope back. This picture came out a bit bright. The fabric isn’t so much a lime green color. It is more accurately portrayed in the previous picture.

I had a blast making this because it was so fast! Can’t wait to make some more pillows! I already have 1 planned!!



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Signature Quilt

This is one of those secret projects that I couldn’t reveal before last weekend. Now that the recipient has her quilt I can post my pictures!!

I found this pattern on Moda Bake Shop and immediately knew that I wanted to do this for a sister who is expecting. Many squares were cut and backed with freezer paper. An extra pigma pen was bought. All in all, I would consider it a success.

Here are some of the sqaures laid out on the table.

After putting all the squares together and appliqueing the letters on:

Here is what the applique looked like from the back. Pretty messy and none of the corners were right but I didn’t think it was horrible for my first time!

I was in a hurry to get it wrapped and was loosing sunlight so out to the yard I went:


The back. The free-motion quilting on the border was also a first. I was terrified the entire time I was doing. I was just praying that  I would not have to sit down and rip all of that out. Luckily, it too turned out ok.

Close-up of the label and my scrappy binding:

I think that this ended up being around 34″x34″. A perfect size to snuggle up in or hang up. I was able to get both families to sign squares so that was really great to have our family and her in-laws all on there.




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Estate Sale!

Who knew that estate sales of fellow sewers/quilters could be so fun! I found one at lunchtime a couple days ago and after washing out the cigarette smoke (the only non-fun part) I got some pictures of the haul.

I ended up with around 44 yds. Not too shabby! I picked up some holiday fabrics. I have wanted a couple of holiday quilts for a while now but I haven’t been able to justify spending the money for a quilt that will only be out for a few weeks at a time. This was the perfect opportunity to get them cheap.

Let see…

Christmas fabrics:. These are all 2 & 3 yd pieces. I think those bows on the left are my favorite. I love christmas ribbon. Although I am partial to snowmans. hmmmm….

and Halloween Fabrics.  (The candy corn is really a grape colored purple and not blue…looks better in person than in this pic) I have 2+ yds of the trick or threat and the orange and black. The rest are 1 or 1.5yd pieces I believe.

Boy fabrics. 2yds of the fishing and half yds of the other 2.

These gorgeous fish, which I think would be perfect as a small backing or fussy cut into squares. I think these are 1 or 2 yd pieces.

Cows! Since I have a family member who is obsessed, I couldn’t pass these up. These are just quarter yards. I am thinking maybe a throw pillow??

These are just some miscellaneous ones that I thought were cute. Check out the cursive one! Love!

The fabrics below are all multiple yardages so they will be perfect for backings. That is something that I lack right now. It seems like I can bust out a quilt top and than it gets put on hold until I go buy backing fabric.

And a parting shot of my “Stash” bookshelf. I have another pile of fabrics in the dining room that I am using for paper piecing but this is pretty much everything. All of my supplies and such are also in the dining room.


I have a secret project that I am working on now. I will show it soon, as well as a couple other completed things. I sorted out the next section for Mario and found out that I am short a few pieces of 1 color  so I need to cut those out before I can continue there.

Heading out of town next week. Up to bat after I return is a pirate quilt and a surprise paper piecing project being finished.


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Curious George Finished

So, I finally got Curious George done at like 10am on Sat. 8 hrs before its recipients were coming over. Talk about cutting it close! HAHA. I than got it washed and dried and it crinkled up beautifully.

Friday night was a 6hr marathon of hand sewing binding down. Needless to say, my fingers are a little sore today. But, it turned out wonderful!

I took a few pics in the house before I got the binding sewn on:


Tried to get some pictures outside yesterday. My helper didn’t stay out there very long and the wind was going crazy:

I forgot to snap a picture of the back of it and the label. The back is just a solid red with a leftover piece of curious george fabric. I did red binding as you can see in the above pictures. I REALLY wanted to do yellow but I was out and didn’t want to get a yard of fabric just for binding.

I think it turned out perfect!! I also made a pillow to go with it: Pillow Post

I think it turned out wonderful and I was so excited to give it to the parents. I hope they liked the items as much as I do. Now on to 1 more secret project and some more Mario sections. Lots to do and such little time to do it in!!


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