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Summer Catch-Up

If anyone is left reading this, I am so sorry for not posting in forever but its summertime! I didn’t want to feel like I had to stay inside to make things when I could be at the pool or riding bikes, or one of a million things. My work schedule also doesn’t help any.

Well, I did end up making a couple of things. A couple pillowcases, a couple of throw pillows, and an ill-fated attempt to make a nursing cover. Thats it. In almost 3 months thats all I did.  🙂

I did take a few pictures of the things I made…would you like to see them?

2 pillowcases for a nephew we were visiting:

Found them on sale and couldn’t resist the sports fabrics. I substituted in my own solid fabrics for the cuff part of the pillowcase. It looks yellow/gold in the picture but it is actually a perfect orange to match the basketballs on the sports fabric.

I also made a couple of throw pillows that had been asked for to match a quilt that was made over christmas:

Please ignore the droopiness of the one on the right. Thats what happens when you do a photo shoot with 2 pillow covers and only 1 pillow form. 🙂 I used leftover backing fabric from the quilt (purple) and ordered a small amount of the gold (yes, it is really a golden speckled fabric even though the picture says otherwise) to go with it. I used the same block as what the quilt was made out of. Just in a larger scale.  I than quilted each one in a different way. These were 14″ pillows. Kind of small for me but that’s what was asked for. I think that they turned out perfect!

Lastly was a nursing cover. I had some friends who had a baby over the summer and I got them a perfect baby gift but it wasn’t homemade. Well, we can’t have a baby that doesn’t have something homemade by Jessica around it!! hehehe So, I had a yard of this print sitting in my statsh and decided to make up a nursing cover.

It was just ok to me. The stitching wasn’t great and the “D” rings that I bought to put on the neckstrap were actually too small. But, I couldn’t find any others around here and I didn’t have time to order any. So, I had to make do. Which I hate doing! But, thats life.

So, that was the extent of my summer! Well, the making things part anyway.

I did do one other fun thing that was sewing related…I did my first online swap! It was an iSpy swap and I sent in 20 squares of 10 different fabrics and the blogger in charge of the swap sent back the same amount of squares, only they were all different! They are so cool to see and now I have a ton of iSpy squares. (Just another to-do to add to the list…lol)

Now as for the rest of the year, I have a list a mile long of things that I want to do. We will see just how much gets done. Up next, I am finishing a second pillow to go with the Mario quilt (pictures as soon as I am done.)  I have a completed Mario quilt top that needs basted and quilted and than on to my first commissioned quilt that is ready for cutting and piecing.

Since today is the last day of Aug…Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall !!



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Something for me…

A lot of fabrics and such that I buy are intended as gifts. I haven’t bought much to make for just me. Well, that changed this weekend. I found a pillowcase kit that I fell in love with!

Check it out:

How flipping cute and funny!!

The woman at the ironing board in the above picture is my favorite one!! Look at that behind!!

Although, Alan would probably say that the woman at the cash register was his favorite because it represents reality!! HAHAHA

The flange and cuff are both perfect compliments.


Waiting to be washed and than on the bed it goes. It won’t match anything but it will make laying down more fun!


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Marshall Pillowcases

After seeing the Spongebob pillowcases, Alan decided that he wanted some Marshall ones. With measurements fresh in my mind and supplies still out, I decided to whip up a couple for him last night. He chose the fabrics and I did the rest.

Because I missed out on the daylight pictures, the white fabric looks yellow in these pictures. It is not. It is bright white. I use a poly/cotton blend so that it would be a little softer right off the bat. A new fabric for me to sew with (I am used to 100% cotton) but it sewed up very nicely.

I made 2 of these. One is a regular sized pillowcase and the other is a king sized pillowcase.

I didn’t watch any TV while making these and they took me about an hour and a half to do 2 of them. Not too bad!


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Spongebob Pillowcases

So, after spending a few hours on Sat watching my cheesy movies, I decided on Sun that I didn’t feel like working on blocks. I wanted something a little more finished. Something I could get done today. (well, yesterday, technically)

So, I decided to use up some of my leftover Spongebob fabric and make a couple of pillowcases to go with the Spongebob quilt. Since I had never made a pillowcase before, I used a tutorial that I found on the Film in the Fridge blog to get measurements. The rest of pretty simple to do on my own.

I used some yellow that has been sitting in my stash for a while.

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