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Art Gallery Quilt


I love being able to say that. Granted it’s not quilted, but since I send those out now to Julie, the hard part for me is done. I bought this one as a quilt kit at the Sewing Expo in Raleigh last summer. I procrastinated on starting it, and than once I did, I procrastinated on finishing it. After Julie told about the Finish It Up Friday linkup over at Crazy Mom Quilts, I figured, lets git ‘er done!

I LOVE it! Isn’t is great!!!


It would probably be a lot cuter in the daylight but I had to get a picture for you!

It was made out of Art Gallery fabrics. I don’t know much about these fabrics. I have found some matching ones from one of Art Gallery’s lines called Rhapsodia that I am going to use for the backing and binding.

The pattern is called Cloud Nine by Villa Rose Designs. (It came with the kit) The quilt turned out to be 54″ x 70″. Great size for gifting. I know exactly where this is being gifted to. Or, more specifically, I know exactly whom. As always, I hope that it will be well received.

As soon as I purchase backing fabric, it’s off to Julie to work her magic over at Creekside Quilting.

I am linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for the first time…this is very motivating!





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Swoon Blocks 3 & 4

Got 2 more Swoon blocks done yesterday!! I wanted to do 3, I already had the pieces ironed, trimmed, and ready to go, but that didn’t happen. These suckers are time consuming!

I always forget how large they are until I finish one and go try to put it somewhere for storage. Thank heavens for push pins and empty walls in a closet. 😉

I am really loving these. Getting excited to see them all together.

3rd one to be finished this week and than I may work on some other BOM blocks to change things up. Also, need to finish up a quilt for a baby girl that hasn’t arrived yet.

Happy Monday!


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Block Catch-Up

I have a few BOM clubs that I am a part of. (BOM = Block of the Month) Unfortunately, life happens and these have all been put to the side. Well, last night I wasn’t in the mood to tackle anything large, I wanted to work on a smaller scale, so I pulled out some of these blocks and got started.

The first one is for a new BOM, Gypsy Wife, that just started over at The Intrepid Thread. I am really excited about this one. It looks like a mess from far away but there are a ton of different blocks in it. We get sent the fabrics every month along with directions on which block(s) to make. Can’t wait to see what the following months hold for this one.

Here is my first block for the Gypsy Wife:

Here is a picture of the pattern book:

The second Block of the Month club that I am in is the Hop Skip Jump BOM over at Sew Lux Fabrics. This one started a LONG time ago. An embarrassingly long time ago. I figured it was the perfect opportunity to knock a couple out. This one is also a monthly mailed one. They send the fabrics and the pattern, I do the construction.

This is block #1:

Here is Block #2:

There are 12(?) of these I believe. I have 8 and the 9th one is in the mail. That means I still have a lot of catching up to do!!

Happy Monday!


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