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Shoulder/Cross-Body Bag

I have this great book that I know you have all heard about if you read this blog. One Yard Wonders. I won’t tell you again how much I love this book. I also won’t tell you how many projects are in this book. Oops, I just told you. I digress. Moving on…

This shoulder bag pattern was one that a sister had picked out. I found some really cute home decor fabric and whipped this baby up. The pattern calls for 2 smaller sized handles. She wanted a cross-body or shoulder bag so I tweaked the measurements a bit.


I haven’t really learned how to photograph a hanging bag properly. But you get the idea. It has a couple of really small pleats on the main outside body. I did the lining in a matching green fabric. I think it turned out fabulous.


I do have lots more in the works. Another bag most definitely and lots of home and electronic accessories.

Sew, Sew, Sew!!



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