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My Marshall University Quilt is finally done and was given to its new owners so now I can post it!!!!

Made as a wedding gift, it took me almost 4 months and over 120 hours.  It turned out amazing and I hope they love it as much as I do!!!

I didn’t want to give it up!!!

Since it was only my second hand quilted one, it was hard to hand it over!! I still have extra fabric left over though so you never know what I might do with it!!!


(Any of the pictures below can be clicked on and enlarged. Click your “back” button to come back to the main page)


It went from a simple sketch at the beginning of January:

To a rough layout on my floor in mid-Jan:

To something resembling the beginning of a quilt top a week later:

To a quilt top ready for quilting at the beginning of February:

To a finished quilt ready for binding in May:

This one has binding on:

Up close shot of the border:

You can see all of the footballs that were quilted into it really well in the outside pictures.

The back was the stripe from a Marshall Football Helmet. Green, surrounded by white, surrounded by Black.

Up close shot of some of the Footballs. Some footballs are more than one color. I quilted in thread that matched the front with no regard to the back so some of them are multiple colors. Because of that, you cannot see the footballs very well on the Marshall fabric, but as you can see from the back, they are there.

I was afraid to have the quilt label look like a 4-year-old wrote it so I decided to trace it. Some Freezer paper, a pigma pen and a sunny window were all I needed.

Completed Label:

Label on Quilt:

All boxed up and ready to go:

My homemade bow:

Reading their card at the rehearsal dinner:

Opening their box!! I was sooooo nervous!!!

🙂 There was some tearing up!!

You can see the quilt label in the picture below:

When it was all said and done the Quilt measured 48″x60″. All of the solid fabrics were Kauffman Kona Cotton. I ended up making card stock templates for the M in order to piece it all together the way I wanted to.

The quilt top was machine pieced. The 67 footballs and some straight line bordering were all hand quilted. I used a stencil to trace each football onto the fabric. Each one took an average of 1.5 hours.

Congratulations Eric & Nikie! If it happens to disappear when we visit don’t worry, it will be in good hands!! HAHA




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