Finish It Up Friday!! Errr…Saturday??

Well, this is technically a finish for last week but since I was out of town last weekend I think it still applies. Shhh…I won’t tell if you don’t!

Since my Classmate that I made was a bit too large for toting around my Hex on the Beach stuff, I knew that I wanted to make something smaller. But it had to be something that would be organized. Not just a small bag that you dump everything into. Enter the “Sew Together Bag” by Sew Demented.

Using Tula Pink fabrics, of course.

photo 3

(Excuse the dark pictures, I finished this at 10pm the night before my trip so I had to work with what I had)

Just like with my Super Tote, I have been seeing these little nifty things all over Instagram. They seemed to hold a positive vote among all of the people I follow and the hashtag #sewtogetherbag is bursting with bags in various stages of completion. Its inspiration overload.

Well, from the outside it doesn’t look like much. Maybe a round bag, with some binding on it, oh, and a long zipper down the top. Here, let me show you another angle (you all know how much I love pictures in a blog post)

photo 4

hmmm…now it just looks like another ordinary zippered bag. But wait, this is where is gets good. What looks ordinary on the outside, often never is on the inside.

photo 1

Its a treasure trove of organization, 3 zippered pockets, and tons of space! This thing really expands. To give you a better idea, here it is during construction all laid out flat:

photo 4 (2)

Look at all of that room!!

I won’t lie though, this thing was a bit rough to put together. The pattern did not really contain much in terms of graphics and no pictures. I am completely spoiled by the internet now and some designers that do step by step instructions. For something that is a bit more advanced like this, its super nice. So, I almost put the pattern away.

Than, on Instagram one evening (0f course, where else?) I found a Sew Along being hosted by The Quilt Barn on their blog. So, I headed over. And lo and behold, I started working on it that night. The sew along made it so much better! There were step by step pictures and she talked you thru each step. You still need the pattern for the proper cutting and interfacing information but I don’t know that I looked at it again after that.

This is what it is now being used for. All of my Hexi’s. The classmate was just too large to throw in my purse and go. This is perfect. I have about 500 hexi papers, 100 or so fabric squares, scissors, a spool of Aurifil thread and needles in there, with room to spare. Everything is organized and in its place.

image (5)


I have a feeling that a couple more may make their way onto the gift list.

Now, I am in a bit of a lull which is why I have been working on my hexi’s so much. I am not really up for a quilt but want to sew something. Going to sit down and look at my list and see what appeals to me to make next. I also have some swoon blocks to get back to so they may move up the list.



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2 responses to “Finish It Up Friday!! Errr…Saturday??

  1. I swear I started one of these back when the pattern first came out, before corrections were even made. I think I need to do a hunt and destroy, then look into the Sewalong! Thanks for sharing and reminding me!

  2. You did a fantastic job! I have about 5 of these I need to make for Christmas presents this year and I can’t wait to get started on them!!

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