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Swoon #2

Well, I didn’t get any sewing done this weekend. I kind of didn’t feel like it and I know from past experiences to not push it. It is just a hobby for me and I never want to feel like I *have* to sew.

Although I have nothing to show for this past weekend, I did get another Swoon block done last week.

I definitely liked this one better when it was matched up in the pile, than I do complete. Contrary to what I think the picture shows, there actually is a lot of orange in the dotted fabric so it does match in real life. The solid just didn’t bring out the amount of orange that I thought it would.

I know in the end it will look good mixed in with all the rest, so I am not worrying about it. I just hope that this doesn’t become a common feeling.

2 down, 14 to go!



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Fabric, Fabric, Fabric

Do you guys Instagram? I have played around with it in the past but just recently actually started using it. Its amazing!

I am a very visual person and I love looking at pictures, and patterns, and diagrams. So, turns out, Instagram is the perfect medium for me. Who knew!?! I am on there as @mugirl113

I discovered last week, through someone else’s posting, that the quilting/sewing world on Instagram was gearing up for an epic destash. In other words, everyone was cleaning house and yard sale-ing their fabrics. It was insane! Once it truly started, you had to get your name on something in under 10 seconds or it was gone. (Its a first come, first served kinda sale) I may have drained the batteries on both my iPad and iPhone from refreshing the page so often. Haha

With some quick typing, I was able to score a few deals!
Here’s what I ended up with:

3 Nest by Tula Pink charm packs
1.25yds Aqua Nest by Tula Pink yardage
2 Cuzco by Kate Spain charm packs
1 Kona Solids charm pack
3 Comma charm packs
2.3yds Green Frogs by Tula Pink yardage

Mmmm…look at that pile. I love charm packs because of their versatility. I already have projects in mind for pretty much everything.

Stuff (fabrics, supplies, books, notions, etc…) is still being posted every day and most sellers are accepting offers so, if you have some time, go check it out at #thegreatfabricdestash

Up next, more Swoon!!


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New Years Eve Fun with Swoon

So, let me preface this by saying that I am not a night person. I am an asleep by 10pm person. I am the girl that doesn’t like to be out late. Yep, at 31. Completely unashamed folks. I like my early mornings.

Ok, moving on. I wanted to stay up for New Years. I haven’t been awake for the ball drop in multiple years. We could possibly be talking about double digits number of years. I knew if I was going to stay awake that I would need something to keep my brain busy.
Enter Swoon. I decided to make my first block.

Fabric is Tula Pink’s Acacia and the white background is Kona Honeycomb.

I spent 2 weeks, off and on, cutting all the fabrics for this gigantic quilt. 16 squares. 61 pieces in each square. 976 pieces. I changed out my rotary blade twice. I thought about cutting as I go, but I don’t leave my big cutting mat out and I didn’t want this to get pushed to the side because I may not feel like cutting one day. Its a nice feeling to know that I just need to grab the next block and can be sewing in minutes.

I had some trouble with my flying geese ending up a bit small. I still made it work, but I am going to have to play around with those and see if I can figure out why.

Starch was definitely my best friend and to be honest, after writing out this sentence, that could be what happened to my flying geese. (Starch = smaller/Water = larger)

Also, these blocks are huge! I have read that online but until it is sitting on your table in front of you, it doesn’t compute. At 24″ square, definitely the largest blocks that I have ever worked with.

1 block done. 15 more to go.

Go check out Julie’s!

Oh, and on a side note, I am bound and determined to figure out how to budget myself in order to buy this Tula Pink fabric panel for the back of this quilt.

Completely gorgeous! Unfortunately, seeing as how this averages out to $50 a yd (Yikes!) I don’t know that it will actually happen.

Oh, and just cause it’s funny, I will tell you that I was officially asleep at 12:02am on New Years Eve/Day. I watched the clock turn over and was done. Hahahaha!!


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Christmas Surprise…The Zelda Quilt

Every year my sisters and I do a secret Santa for gifts. We draw names and have a price limit. For the past year (or more) I have been working on this quilt for a sister. When it came time to draw names, I figured out how to get her name. (I am a sneaky girl!) It was the perfect motivation to get this quilt finished and gifted.

Alright, here it is. The Zelda quilt.

Zelda is a strip quilt that was done using 1.5″ pieces. Luckily, it wasn’t my first one so I had a great organizational system in place for all the pieces.

I handed this one off to Julie to quilt for me. It was during finals and I didn’t want either one to suffer in quality. We decided on a simple meander, as to keep the design front and center and blend all the strips together once washed and dried.

This was completely made out of Kona cottons. The pattern is from Carolina Patchworks. The backing is a Star Wars comic book fabric that I found on Etsy a long time ago. She loves both and I figured why not. There are no rules in quilting! At least not in my household.

A few more pictures…
All quilted, ready for binding:

Binding on and sewn down. Washed and dried:

I love how the strips get lost in the quilting and it becomes a large picture from far away and not a patchwork quilt.

It turned out amazing! It took a while to get finished but completely worth the time. I was so excited to give it to her for Christmas. I think she was as happy with it as I was. I hope that it is used often and loved well.

Oh, almost forgot…the quilt label! I do themed quilt labels and I was undecided on which theme to go with on this one, so I did both.




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