Finishing Quilts and Glamping!

School has started friends. Even though it’s only 1 class, its a lot of time spent not in my sewing room. I finally turned on my sewing machine last weekend (and not since!) but it was only to work on trying to get some unfinished quilts off of my sewing room floor. 5 of them to be exact. All waiting on binding.

So, I made binding. Lots and Lots of Binding. Probably close to 2000″ of binding. Whew.

photo 1

Than I had a sewing marathon. I got 3 of the bindings sewn on in an afternoon/evening. Not too bad! The one below is the PB&J quilt. Julie did an AMAZING job quilting this one. We went with a more dense design and did a coordinating one in the border. It looks fantastic. And, it is heavy. I will show it off more once I get the binding completely finished.

photo 2

This is the Waterfront Park Churn Dash. Julie did a really simple swirl all over this one. It did a great job of softening the quilt design up a bit. It isn’t too dense so this will make a great snuggling quilt. Not for me though, Maybe for you?

photo 3

Oh, and I got my fabrics in for my Thimble Blossom Mini Quilt Swap. Once you join one, its hard to not join any others! I have the pattern picked out for this one and as soon as my first test is over on Tuesday, this is what I will be working on. I hope she loves it! Picking out the fabrics is the hardest part of a swap. You just don’t know if the they will like it or not. Here’s hoping! 🙂

photo 4

Autumn Woods Fabric Bundle

Ok, I know everyone is wondering about Glamping. What is it and why is it in the title of my blogpost? Glamping is, by definition, “Glamorous Camping.” And I am going to partake. In a sewing way. Confused yet? hehe..stay with me.

Pink Castle Fabrics is an online fabric store that hosts retreats every year for a small amount of participants. This year, they decided to do something new and bigger and opened up a 2015 retreat called “Glamp Stitchalot” (get it, instead of Camp…) for 200 people with some AMAZING teachers. Guess, who just happens to be one of them?? Come on, surely you know this answer? Did you just say Tula Pink? Correct!

Needless to say, when I saw spots were opened, I texted Julie as fast as I could and whipped out the credit card. I was not missing out on this one and I was making sure that she was going with me. Its being held in Ann Arbor, MI next November at a super nice looking hotel for 3 days. I know, its a long time away. Commiserate with me.

In the meantime, while Glamp Stitchalot is in the back of my mind, I will be studying and trying to fit in small things when and where I can. I did buy a whiteboard for my sewing room so maybe seeing everything actually written out will help me to stay on track when I have the time.




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