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New Stuff!

I got some more gifts this weekend!!

I got a couple of Sewing books from my grandmother and Nikie sent me some cool little gifts…a set of fat quarters and a project kit that has 6 half-yards of fabric and 4 projects that you can make out of them…hmmmm…so many possibilities!!! 🙂

I LOVE it all !!!!! Thank You soooo much!!!

My books were already in my bookcase or I would have added them to the picture. ohhh….I just noticed that the fat quarters look kind of like a yucky green in the photo above…I assure you that they are not. They all have really pretty greens, blues, & browns in them.

I should post a picture of my bookshelf that I have taken over. Its starting to fill up with projects, & fabric, & all kinds of goodies. I LOVE it!!!!!



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A few weeks ago I ordered a quilt kit from They are an organization that takes discontinued and unwanted fabric and they send it out to volunteers who make quilts out of it for kids in need. Kids that have cancer, or AIDS or any other life-threatening illnesses. Their website has a fact sheet that you can download that shows all the hospitals they donate too.

I got my kit via UPS and it included all of the fabric I needed already cut, a label to put my name on it, and a pattern to use. They ask that you return the baggie it was all in along with the pattern sheet, as they reuse everything that they can.

Here is what was in my kit:

and here is the finished quilt top which I put together in a few hours on Saturday:

The black squares are kind of dark and my living room lighting isn’t great so here is a close-up:

The 4-patches are light blue & green stars. All that is left is to quilt it. I have to do that by machine so this will be my first one. I still have some more testing to do with my walking foot first. (My tension is a little wonky when I use it) I did not measure it but I think it is about 40″x46″ roughly.

They ask that you send back one of your own in the same pattern when you send your original back but it isn’t required. I am going to wait and see how machine quilting this goes and than I will decide if I am going to do that or not.


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Garden Tote!

One of my weekend projects:

Well, I would have finished this tote bag yesterday but I ran out of thread. Sooo…I am at the point where I am ready to attach the liner to the body and add the handles and it will be finished!

Here is what it looked like starting out with the 3 pockets:

I ended up using an off-white canvas. None of the other canvas colors looked good with the vegetable fabric.It looks white above but as you can see below it is not. iPhone camera and poor lighting don’t mix well. 🙂

After quilting each side:

Here is each side after the quilting, addition of pockets and the sewing of the two sides together:

The corners are boxed (thats why they are tucked in when you fold it) so that it will stand up on its own. The handles are ready, along with the lining to be attached.

The vegetable fabric is what makes it look cool to me. Should be finished sometime this week. If not, than definitely on Sat. (I got more thread last night)  Depends on how busy the evenings get.


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Spongebob Update

I also managed to get the rest of the Spongebob squares sewn together. I laid it out with white sashing last night and I didn’t like it one bit. I think it is way to plain and needs some color or something. The squares are all sewn in columns. The columns have NOT yet been sewn to the sashing. I laid out some blue and red against it to see what it looked like with a border and it made it dark.  I am just not loving this.  I am going to look tonight and see how many squares I have left. I may be able to squeak out another column or two. If I can do that I may be able to get rid of the border idea.

I am lost on this one. This one may be headed to the bottom of the pile for a little bit.

Maybe it needs a bunch of spongebob yellow in between and around it to liven it up:



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Haven’t posted in a while. I have been working on a hand quilting project in the evenings so there hasn’t been too much sewing going on. I did manage to get another 10 9-patch squares done. I only need about 18 more to do a queen size quilt. I think that is going to be my max for now! I think I have enough 4″ squares to do 2  quilts of that size.

On a side note, my red bag is FINALLY finished. I topstitched it Sat morning and got my button sewn on. It is ready for use!!



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New Fabric!!

I got new fabric tonight!! The UPS guy probably thought I was retarded…I saw the logo on the box as I was signing for it and got sooo excited! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Fat Quarter Shop!!!

So, here is the packaging it came in (birthday card and all):

The wrapping paper may come in a close second to the fabric! Who knew they made wrapping paper that looked like an afghan! (Makes me wonder how I can reuse it! I have been reading too many sewing/craft project books! :-))

So here are my fabrics:

The one above is Bright Essential Dots. The colors are a LOT brighter in person. The pink (above the green) is really a hot pink…the green is a st. pattys day green.

Maybe I should start using my camera instead of my convenient iPhone. HAHA

The one below is Watercolor Stonehenge:

The Stonehenge fabric can not be photographed to look as gorgeous as it really is in person. It looks like someone painted the fabric. I am going to have to design a really special project for these fabrics!!

Also, there was a Jolly Pack in there which has 22 5″ squares. 2 of each 11 different colors:

The above squares look kind of blurry in the picture…they are not. It is just the print on the fabrics. Its very neat.

Thanks for all of the birthday gifts mother!! I LOVE them all !!!!!



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Shoulder Bag!

Well, I am about 95% done! I still need to topstitch around the exterior and sew on a button. I ran out of time last night. I think I will get it finished up when I get home this evening so that I can start using it!

On to other projects!


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