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A Little Bit of Everything in October

October is over?? Wow! It went fast. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it. I have a lot to share today so I hope you like pictures!!

Lets see…Last time I posted, it was about a mini quilt. My ThimbleBlossoms mini quilt to be exact. Well, that got finished and turned out quite good if I do say so myself. Take a look:


This was the fantastic package that I got back from my partner! A Tula Pink mini quilt, lots of little goodies, some non-chocolate candy and a wonderful ornament.


I love Christmas so I can’t wait to hang this up. Look at these little pieces of fabric all folded up. It’s the perfect colors and suits me to a T. Overall, it was a great swap for my first one.


Speaking of swaps, I have finally started on my Instagram Mini Swap Quilt. After getting thru another Chem test (aced it!!) I figured it was time to get cracking. I have to mail this bad boy out at the beginning of December. I am doing this terrific pattern that requires 1″ 4-patches. Doesn’t that sound awesome! I thought it did until I started working on it. Oh, I still love it, it’s just taking some time to get used to working with pieces this small again. It’s been a while! Don’t worry though, it will be amazing when I am thru working my magic on it.


I think I also told you that I was going to be handsewing most of October? Well, I was. I even had a needle go thru my finger because I am really bad about not using a thimble of any kind. It all paid off though, I won a couple of ribbons at the Quilt Show!!!

Mario took second place in the Juvenile category. I don’t see him as being juvenile and originally entered him into another category but apparently the judges disagreed. In the end, it all worked out.


The Salt Water Metro Rings Quilt below, took Honorable Mention in the Lap Quilt category. I pieced it and Julie quilted it. There was some good competition in this category so this makes me very happy.


Christmas Countdown didn’t place but, since I didn’t expect any of them too, I am not even a bit disappointed! It was still so fun to see it hanging up. As was all of them. Just an overall neat experience. I especially liked seeing people stopping to view them. Kind of cool!


The quilt show pick up turned out to be long and then it was rainy and cold out so I went home and cuddled up on the couch and finished the binding on this 3-year-old table runner. Yep, you read that right. Year 1 = make it & use it unfinished. Year 2 = Use it unfinished. Year 3= realize that it will never get finished unless you finally give it to Julie. Now I will be able to use it properly this year! hahaha


I also finished another Swoon block in this month. Definitely a bit girly with the pink, but in person, it looks really nice with the green complimentary fabric. I also fixed my 3 Swoon blocks that had mistakes in them. I am down to 4 or 5 blocks left and I can put a quilt top together. As soon as my IG Mini Quilt is finished, these are next.


And lastly, I whipped up a pattern test for Chrissy over at Sew Lux Fabrics. She has a great online store and if I ever have a question, she is right there with an answer willing to help out. As an added bonus, she is so close to me that I get overnight shipping on most everything I order. This is her Machine Sewn Mini pattern and its adorable. The machines came together in no time and there was no paper piecing!! This one is going in the pile to be quilted. I thought about doing it myself but I don’t want another Thanksgiving table runner situation. 🙂



Whew, I think that does it for October. My intention is to blog more often I have been doing good until this past month. Everything just kind of all hit in a span of a few weeks. Glad to have a lot of stuff off my plate.

November will be for the IG Mini Quilt, a sew day at the guild, another Chem test, Thanksgiving with the hubby and maybe some Swoon blocks worked in.




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Finish It Up Friday

I am starting to really like these Finish It Up Friday posts. They are very motivating by making me want to carve some time out during the week to sew. Normally, I just reserve that for the weekends.

I finished up 2 things this past week/weekend.

First up, another Swoon block. This one is # 7 of 16. Almost halfway!! This one turned out gorgeous in my color choices. Since these fabrics are cut and ready to go, I already have a pile of 3 more sitting beside my machine.

Swoon 7

One of these days, if I can find room somewhere (maybe outside?), I will lay out what I have and see how they all look together. at 24″ a piece, plus sashing, plus a border…we will never have to tug on covers ever again on our king sized bed. I am making this baby HUGE for that specific reason. Poor Julie. She is going to be cursing me when I eventually hand this one over to be quilted.

The exciting finish for this week was a Noodlehead Divided Basket. Even though this is going to live with me, I am loving it!! Now, I am going to have to ship one out for me. This was made in Salt Water fabrics (of course!) that Julie donated.

Divided Tote 2

This basket seems small until you start putting it together. Its about 6″ deep and 12″ wide. (Those are just guesstimates) Regardless, it can hold a lot of stuff. And lots of stuff it shall hold! That’s the plan anyway.

Divided Tote 1

I did the outer binding a bit differently than the pattern called for. It wanted you to sew it onto one side and than do some flip and press thing and than sew again. whew…way to much work for me. I folded it in half, slid it on and sewed it down. Yes, you can see the stitching but my machine does a fantastic stitch and with the thread blending in, it all worked out.

Divided Tote 3

I used cotton webbing for the handles. This was my first time using cotton webbing and I have to say….HUGE fan here now. This stuff may be making an appearance in more things that I do. I don’t always love fabric handles because handles bear the brunt of anything you make so without proper support (tons of interfacing) they can look worn pretty quickly. But these? I could see these holding up for a long time with a lot of use.

Divided Tote 4

And lastly, a pic of the inside. I didn’t do anything fancy on the interior since my hope is that it will be so full that you won’t see much of it. 🙂

Lots of plans for this weekend…Metro Rings, maybe start on a new venture/idea. Maybe a secret sewing session. We’ll see what the next 2 days hold. Happy Friday everyone!!



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Super Tote!!

I have seen these tote bags on many a blogs and also all around the Instagram community. I love my Weekender so much that I knew I wanted to give this one a shot. It helps that I also love making bags and pouches. Pretty much anything that you can store something in.

Image from Noodlehead

The pattern is by Noodlehead (I also have 1 or 2 more of her patterns) and of course, I used Tula Pink fabrics with some off-white canvas. I debated on what fabrics to use and kept coming back to these. For me, that’s always the hardest part. Once I figure out what fabrics I want, I can normally start working on a project pretty quickly.

This bag reminded me a lot of the Weekender in the prep stage. There was a lot of template cutting and a lot of interfacing. Which, is fine by me. I like my tote bags to be a bit more sturdy.

photo 1

After a couple of days of cutting, interfacing, sewing, and swearing, I finally did it. There were a few bumps along the way and a couple of small mistakes, but its all good. Thick bags are never easy and this just reminded me of that.

Here it is:

Super Tote 1

I still need to topstitch my handles. *ahem* Apparently being 32 still doesn’t allow for the understanding of needing to read the pattern carefully. oh well. The zipper works and there are no holes in the bag. I consider that a raging success!! hahaha

Here is the zipper when it is closed. As you can see it extends beyond the bag. I did that so that I could have full access to the entire bag when opened.

Super Tote 2

Once its opened, it is an extremely large tote bag with a few elasticized pockets in it. I almost made these pockets a bit smaller but I wanted to go by the pattern for the first time making it. That’s one change I will definitely do if I make another one for me. When you have the elastic you don’t need a huge pocket because the elastic extends it. These have both elastic and extra fabric. As a diaper bag, this would be perfect (diapers, wipes, etc…). As a tote bag for me, not so much.

Super Tote 3

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Last picture. I had to take some stuff to the Post Office for the hubby and ended up throwing everything into this just to see how well it fit. There are 2 smaller boxes in the bottom with a couple of envelopes on top. It was perfect! I think this is going to be a great bag to not only travel with but to also throw things in if I am headed out for the day or whatnot.

Super Tote 4

As you can see, the zipper section folds down against the inside of the bag and out of the way. Seeing how good this one turned out makes me want to start another one. BUT, I have way too many other things on the list. Maybe once I get thru some of those.

I believe that up next is going to be a Sew Together Bag. It looks so useful and you can never have enough zippered pouches of any kind. I have the pattern. but, as mentioned earlier, now I am stuck trying to figure out fabrics. It never ends….



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Atkinson Classmate Pattern

After finishing up my Guild Quilt last weekend, I started thinking about what I wanted to work on next. Well, turns out, April Fools Day helped me figure that out!

I was on Instagram perusing and I come across a post that someone had done about an April Fools Day sale at an online quilt shop. I seriously thought that it was an April Fools Day joke. The sale was for 35%!!! You don’t see that in the quilting world. With the price of cotton rising and fabric going with it, the most you see is a daily deal on some sites or 10% to 15% off sometimes until things go to clearance. This was 35%!!! I hopped on over to the website, Little Pink Rose Quilting, and started looking around very eagerly. Lo and behold, I found 2 Tula Pink “Hex on the Beach” quilt top kits!!!! These are made out of her “Salt Water” line and are no longer produced so finding one has been extremely hard. On top of that, they are a bit pricey when you do, but with 35% off?  I did.

Hex on the Beach

Well, I don’t think that I really grasped what I was in for. I mean, these suckers are small. Look, I am not kidding:

Hex on the Beach Hexies

Sorry for the Alien hand. Anyway, there are over 1,000 of these in that box. So, after seeing them all, I decided that I needed something to pu them in. I mean, I can’t just go around carrying the box? That’s where the Atkinson Classmate comes in. Julie and I got this pattern quite a long time ago and while she whipped hers out, I procrastinated. Like always. I am the queen.

The classmate has clear vinyl pockets along with zippered pockets, along with lined pockets behind the pockets. I mean this thing is a workhorse! So, I picked out some of my HIGHLY coveted Tula Pink “Nest” (circa 2008) and got to work.

Atkinson Classmate 1

I didn’t take any pictures while sewing it up until I got to the binding. Those Clover Clips are fantastic for projects like this one where you can’t put pins thru the vinyl. I had some problems with skipped stitches, even after going up to a size 14 needle, and got so frustrated that I quit for the night. I went back to it the next morning, with a size 16 needle, and it was perfect. Sometimes you just have to step away.

In the picture below you can see that the left side has a small zippered vinyl pocket at the top. That has a lined pocket behind it with a pencil/scissors/seam ripper dividers below it. Behind that whole left side is a lined pocket. The middle is a huge zippered vinyl pocket that also has a lined pocket behind it. The far right side is 2 smaller vinyl pockets separated by stitching.

Atkinson Classmate 2

I don’t have a non-stick foot for my machine so I ended up using tissue paper as a buffer between the vinyl and the feed dogs. It was suggested in the pattern and it worked perfectly. On a side not, I LOVE Atkinson patterns. If you have never tried one you definitely should. They walk you thru every step with pictures when necessary.  They make things like this non-overwhelming.

Partially folded:

Atkinson Classmate 3

The D ring on the right side of the picture is supposed to have a clasp on it. I didn’t have one and neither did Walmart so I am still trying to figure out how I want to do the closure. I may have to order a clip and just sew it onto the ring or maybe some ribbon or something. Still thinking about that one. Some people online have said that when it is full, the clip isn’t the best thing so it may be good that I didn’t have one.

Here it is completely folded up:

Atkinson Classmate 4

It even has a nifty carrying handle on top! Once I figure out my closure, I will be filling it up with Hexie’s and templates and lots of good sewing accessories. Plus, this will be fantastic to take on any sewing/quilting trips. Normally my notions end up in a ziplock baggie. 🙂

It felt really good to get this done in pretty much a day. Now, I can mark that off my list and move on to other things. Zippered pouches, a Super Tote, a divided basket or two. I have a pretty long to-do list.



Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts for “Finish It Up Friday“. Go check out all the finishes for the week!!




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Finished & Listed

WOWZERS!!! The response to the Tula Pink book giveaway has been crazy!! Thank you everyone for stopping by. I wish I could give all of you a book. 🙂 Because of everyones book suggestions my Amazon wish list has exponentially grown over the past 2 days. What a fun question to ask!

On Sun, I listed a couple more things in the Etsy store and figured I should show them here also.

First up: a Jewelry Travel Case/Roll-Up.

Jewelry Travel

Jewelry Travel Roll-Up

In the past my jewelry has always just gone in a baggie. So, when I made one of these for myself, it was so simple that I knew more were to come. This pink paisley is the same fabric I made mine out of and I still have some left. (This pictures do not do it justice…bad picture takers – raise your hands….*me *me *me) It has 2 zippered pockets that are great for necklaces, bracelets. There is also a ribbon ring placket. You just untie the ribbon, slide your rings on and re-tie it. I also use those ribbons as post earring holders. They make little holes in the ribbon but you can’t tell.

Jewelry Zippers

View of Zippers up close

image (5)

All rolled up!

Secondly, I made some Halloween Pillow Covers. I love all of my fall/winter holidays and the decorations that go with them. It’s a bit early, but I figured why not. I had this fabric in the stash and figured they would be perfect for 2 16″ pillow covers. I used 1 print on the front that has this great black and orange repeating pattern, and a dotted black and white on the back. I love that you can showcase these in a few different ways depending on your mood for the day! The pillow inserts are just simple 16″ pillows that I found at Wal-Mart. Because of shipping costs, they are not included in the listing. These covers have 10″ or 12″ zippers on the bottom for pillow insertion and removal. (can’t remember the exact length)

image (10)

Pillow Fronts

image (9)

1 Front & 1 Back

image (8)

Pillow Backs

I have been working on a 4th of July table runner this week. (I told you that I like holidays!! hahaha) Hope to have that listed over the weekend and then it’s on to more Tula Pink blocks. Sewing has been a lot of fun lately and I think its because I am really loving all these small things. Its nice to see things getting finished. Especially when the fabrics are coming out of your stash!!


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iPad Mini Traveling Case

My first finish of 2013! It’s been quite a while since I posted. Remodeling part of your house will do that to you.

Plus, some of the sewing that I have been doing, I can’t show you!

This I can:


An iPad Mini Traveling Case. I have one of those smart covers for the iPad but I wanted something that would completely protect it if I threw it in a bag. It also has this cute pocket on the front which is very spacious. Definitely enough for a charger and cord and any other accessories you may have.


I got the pattern from here on Etsy. It was a great pattern. It didn’t have a recommended seam allowance in it and I wanted my iPad to fit snuggly so I used a 5/8″ seam allowance. It’s definitely snug. By using a 5/8″ on the outside part of the bag, I should have used something higher on the lining. I have a tiny bit of bunching on the inside. I also interfaced the heck out of it which probably didn’t help the thickness any. I can’t help it. I love the firmness that interfacing gives to items like this.


I also didn’t do the handles. I don’t care for handles on something this small. Otherwise, it turned out great! I am extremely happy with it and can’t wait to take it on its first trip.



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Summer Catch-Up

If anyone is left reading this, I am so sorry for not posting in forever but its summertime! I didn’t want to feel like I had to stay inside to make things when I could be at the pool or riding bikes, or one of a million things. My work schedule also doesn’t help any.

Well, I did end up making a couple of things. A couple pillowcases, a couple of throw pillows, and an ill-fated attempt to make a nursing cover. Thats it. In almost 3 months thats all I did.  🙂

I did take a few pictures of the things I made…would you like to see them?

2 pillowcases for a nephew we were visiting:

Found them on sale and couldn’t resist the sports fabrics. I substituted in my own solid fabrics for the cuff part of the pillowcase. It looks yellow/gold in the picture but it is actually a perfect orange to match the basketballs on the sports fabric.

I also made a couple of throw pillows that had been asked for to match a quilt that was made over christmas:

Please ignore the droopiness of the one on the right. Thats what happens when you do a photo shoot with 2 pillow covers and only 1 pillow form. 🙂 I used leftover backing fabric from the quilt (purple) and ordered a small amount of the gold (yes, it is really a golden speckled fabric even though the picture says otherwise) to go with it. I used the same block as what the quilt was made out of. Just in a larger scale.  I than quilted each one in a different way. These were 14″ pillows. Kind of small for me but that’s what was asked for. I think that they turned out perfect!

Lastly was a nursing cover. I had some friends who had a baby over the summer and I got them a perfect baby gift but it wasn’t homemade. Well, we can’t have a baby that doesn’t have something homemade by Jessica around it!! hehehe So, I had a yard of this print sitting in my statsh and decided to make up a nursing cover.

It was just ok to me. The stitching wasn’t great and the “D” rings that I bought to put on the neckstrap were actually too small. But, I couldn’t find any others around here and I didn’t have time to order any. So, I had to make do. Which I hate doing! But, thats life.

So, that was the extent of my summer! Well, the making things part anyway.

I did do one other fun thing that was sewing related…I did my first online swap! It was an iSpy swap and I sent in 20 squares of 10 different fabrics and the blogger in charge of the swap sent back the same amount of squares, only they were all different! They are so cool to see and now I have a ton of iSpy squares. (Just another to-do to add to the list…lol)

Now as for the rest of the year, I have a list a mile long of things that I want to do. We will see just how much gets done. Up next, I am finishing a second pillow to go with the Mario quilt (pictures as soon as I am done.)  I have a completed Mario quilt top that needs basted and quilted and than on to my first commissioned quilt that is ready for cutting and piecing.

Since today is the last day of Aug…Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall !!


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