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November Accomplishments

And just like that, November is gone. Well, it actually left last week but that’s ok. So, how was November you ask? (even if you didn’t ask, I’m telling…lol) It was great! I didn’t get as much done as I wanted but I feel it was still pretty productive. And I can’t complain about the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend. A much-needed break.

What happened in November?? Well, as I am writing this on Dec 8th, I feel the Twelve Days of Christmas song coming on…

12 Instagram mini quilt blocks

11 bobbins of thread

10 more IG mini quilt blocks

9 feet of binding

8 more IG mini quilt blocks

7 glasses of wine

6 more IG mini quilt blocks (DONE!)

5 Swoon blocks

4 borders added to a second IG mini quilt

3 nights of handsewing binding

2 Christmas Pillows made


ah-mazing Tula Pink Swag!

Sorry about that. I had too! Ok. Moving on….

Those IG mini quilt blocks took a lot of my time. I even spent our guild sewing day working on them. I mean, look at this…this is a 3″ block:


Here is the “for scale” photo. As you can see, small. So small. Not sure I will ever make this one again. If I do, I will generate up a paper piecing pattern for it. Without that stability, some of the smaller half-inch squares started to get a bit wonky.


All in all, it turned out magnificent. I added a border to not only bring it to size but to also keep all those small edges from unraveling during quilting and binding. This way, everything was secure. It went out today and I can’t wait to see what my partner thinks about it!


And while we are on the topic, I had a participant in my IG mini quilt group that couldn’t fulfill her obligation so Julie and I stepped in and teamed up to make her partner something great. Julie made the center block (its like an altered log cabin…so great!) and I added the outside curved geese borders. They brought it up to a good size and gave it a bit more playfulness. This one also went out today but she doesn’t know that we are the ones that made it. I figure she will find out eventually (my names is on the box) so I felt there was no harm in posting it here.


After sitting for over a year now, I am bound and determined that this Swoon quilt will be finished by Spring. (Hopefully sooner if I can figure out how to piece a 120″ x 120″ backing in my room that isn’t much larger than that. Oy!) I have decided that instead of doing one block here and one block there, I am just getting them all finished at once. So, I have made a Swoon assembly line. I have 5 left and they are all being worked on at the same time. I have a system and for some crazy reason, it works! These suckers are so big (24″ each) that it’s like putting together 16 mini quilts to make one large one.


What else…oh, 2 Christmas Pillows. Chrissy over at Sew Lux made up these pillow kits and I scooped two of them up to throw on the couch this Christmas. They don’t really match any of my stuff but then again, none of it matches each other so I figured, why not? I did try a new technique out though while making them and once I got the hang of it, these little things flew right along.

I am holding the pillow top with one hand and taking the pic with the other and as you can see, everything is hanging there (the first 3 rows have been sewn together). Because of the way that it was pieced, there are no rows to worry about mixing up or pieces that get turned around. Everything is where it should be. Once you get to this point you just keep sewing the rows together until you get to the bottom. Its hard to see but if you enlarge the picture you can see the threads holding all the rows together.


Here are my 2 pillow tops. They are basted and ready for quilting as soon as I get the Swoon blocks done and off my table. Hopefully this week.


And lastly, my favorite part. I have an Angel who got me some Tula Pink stuff while at the International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh last month. A brochure about her new line coming out next year, a sticker (which now lives on my sewing machine) and the highly coveted, rare, numbered, and autographed deck of playing cards. I may have squealed a little when I opened this (ok, a lot)!!


And that my friends, was my Nov. Well, that and the first week of Dec but who’s really counting. I have a Chem final coming up followed by the holidays with family. Can’t wait!!





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Birthday Gift Shenanigans…

For a while now, I have heard Julie talking about this one certain block that was in a book that I didn’t have: 99 Modern Quilt Blocks. I knew she had it though and when I asked to borrow it, she said to keep it. Great gal that Julie is.

Anyhoo…back on topic…As it was approaching her 29th birthday, I thought it only fitting to make this block for her in a mini-quilt. I heard her mention a certain fabric line, Modern Bliss, many times and so that’s what I decided to use. I paired it with a great matching Moda Bella solid gray fabric.

I took pictures of the first 3 blocks that I made:


These were tough blocks!! I enjoy paper piecing but these tested me with all the small pieces and seams. Completely worth it in the end though.

I ended up being so frazzled and rushed at the end that I totally forgot to get a picture of the 4th block and the whole thing together. That never happens with me! In the 4 years I have been sewing, I have never missed taking a photo of the end product. I think I was just terribly excited about the Expo and it just completely slipped my mind. Talk about last minute. Luckily, Julie put some pictures up, here, on her blog of both the quilt and the pillow.

In the end, I had some extra fabric so I decided to whip up a small pillow. I wanted to make 2 and make them all nice and quilted but once again, ran out of time. So, this one just got interfaced and sewn together. It still looks really cool though with the quilt.

The quilt ended up being 24″ x 24″. A perfect size to hang up. I used almost my entire yard of gray fabric. As much as I enjoy it, paper piecing can be very wasteful sometimes.

Happy 29th Julie…Hope you have a great year!!



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Christmas Recap

Well, its over. My favorite time of the year. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go home to be with the family this year but I was there over FaceTime…Yay for Apple products! I got to see everyone open their gifts, including a couple of the ones that are shown below.

I didn’t do to many homemade gifts this year as there just wasn’t enough time and when a family emergency happened 2 weeks before Christmas it definitely didn’t help.Amazon to the rescue! hehe

One thing I did make was a couple of Kindle covers.

Kindle Cover

I don’t remember the name of this fabric because it has been in my stash for quite a long time. I love the large scale and thought that this would be a perfect project for this fabric. This Kindle recipient has the same Kindle as I do so it was easy to improve on mine.

Kindle Cover

Now, this Kindle cover was a different story. I could only go by the measurements on Amazon as this recipient was getting a newer Kindle model than what I have. I was SOOOO nervous about this one because I couldn’t test it out beforehand to make sure that it would work. It took every ounce of faith I had to tape up the box. 🙂 I didn’t get a picture of it closed but it is all the same blue flowered fabric.

Kindle Cover

Turns out, it was PERFECT!! As least that is what I was told. I was sent the below picture. YAY!!!

Kindle Cover

Last but not least:

I made a couple of pillows for a family member. Short and sweet. I did simple straight line quilting on both of them and I think that it turned out FANTASTIC! They were 14″ pillow forms so a great size for lounging around.

Pittsburg Steelers Pillows

The backs were just simple envelope closure backs and were done in some Steelers yardage that I found on eBay.

Pittsburg Steelers Pillows

That’s IT! I took it much easier this year and it was well worth it. I have already used some of my Christmas money to go shopping for some things for me and I can’t wait for it all to come in. I have not made anything for me yet (other than a Kindle cover) and with nothing on my immediate plate, I plan to remedy that.



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Summer Catch-Up

If anyone is left reading this, I am so sorry for not posting in forever but its summertime! I didn’t want to feel like I had to stay inside to make things when I could be at the pool or riding bikes, or one of a million things. My work schedule also doesn’t help any.

Well, I did end up making a couple of things. A couple pillowcases, a couple of throw pillows, and an ill-fated attempt to make a nursing cover. Thats it. In almost 3 months thats all I did.  🙂

I did take a few pictures of the things I made…would you like to see them?

2 pillowcases for a nephew we were visiting:

Found them on sale and couldn’t resist the sports fabrics. I substituted in my own solid fabrics for the cuff part of the pillowcase. It looks yellow/gold in the picture but it is actually a perfect orange to match the basketballs on the sports fabric.

I also made a couple of throw pillows that had been asked for to match a quilt that was made over christmas:

Please ignore the droopiness of the one on the right. Thats what happens when you do a photo shoot with 2 pillow covers and only 1 pillow form. 🙂 I used leftover backing fabric from the quilt (purple) and ordered a small amount of the gold (yes, it is really a golden speckled fabric even though the picture says otherwise) to go with it. I used the same block as what the quilt was made out of. Just in a larger scale.  I than quilted each one in a different way. These were 14″ pillows. Kind of small for me but that’s what was asked for. I think that they turned out perfect!

Lastly was a nursing cover. I had some friends who had a baby over the summer and I got them a perfect baby gift but it wasn’t homemade. Well, we can’t have a baby that doesn’t have something homemade by Jessica around it!! hehehe So, I had a yard of this print sitting in my statsh and decided to make up a nursing cover.

It was just ok to me. The stitching wasn’t great and the “D” rings that I bought to put on the neckstrap were actually too small. But, I couldn’t find any others around here and I didn’t have time to order any. So, I had to make do. Which I hate doing! But, thats life.

So, that was the extent of my summer! Well, the making things part anyway.

I did do one other fun thing that was sewing related…I did my first online swap! It was an iSpy swap and I sent in 20 squares of 10 different fabrics and the blogger in charge of the swap sent back the same amount of squares, only they were all different! They are so cool to see and now I have a ton of iSpy squares. (Just another to-do to add to the list…lol)

Now as for the rest of the year, I have a list a mile long of things that I want to do. We will see just how much gets done. Up next, I am finishing a second pillow to go with the Mario quilt (pictures as soon as I am done.)  I have a completed Mario quilt top that needs basted and quilted and than on to my first commissioned quilt that is ready for cutting and piecing.

Since today is the last day of Aug…Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall !!


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Link Pillow

Another one of those secret projects that I had to wait to blog about. This was a birthday present. I was not able to do a quilt in time so I figured the next best thing would be a quilted pillow. I haven’t made many pillows so I wasn’t sure about this but I LOVE the end result. I think it turned out fabulous and can’t wait to make more!

I hunted around on the internet for Zelda items. I came across quite a few 8-bit Link pillows. Since I am doing Mario in 8-bit I figured that this would probably be pretty easy to figure out on my own. So out came the graph paper and a calculator. After cutting up some fabric that I already had in my stash, this is what it looked like:

(The beige/off-white is really a beige/off-white, not a pink as this picture shows)

I did really small stipple quilting all over. I used thread that matched the section of fabric that I was on.

Close-up of my stippling. Those strips are 1″ tall so the quilting is VERY small!

My corners got pretty pointy…I am going to have to play around with those on my next pillow and see if I can bring them in some.

The back was a simple envelope back. This picture came out a bit bright. The fabric isn’t so much a lime green color. It is more accurately portrayed in the previous picture.

I had a blast making this because it was so fast! Can’t wait to make some more pillows! I already have 1 planned!!


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Airplane Pillow

Made an airplane pillow last night to go with my airplane quilt. First time I ever made a pillow. I don’t think that it turned out too bad. I just need to learn how to better close it up after stuffing it.

On a side note: I got my gift done this morning! Yea!! I Hope they like it! I plan on putting it in the mail on Monday.


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