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November Accomplishments

And just like that, November is gone. Well, it actually left last week but that’s ok. So, how was November you ask? (even if you didn’t ask, I’m telling…lol) It was great! I didn’t get as much done as I wanted but I feel it was still pretty productive. And I can’t complain about the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend. A much-needed break.

What happened in November?? Well, as I am writing this on Dec 8th, I feel the Twelve Days of Christmas song coming on…

12 Instagram mini quilt blocks

11 bobbins of thread

10 more IG mini quilt blocks

9 feet of binding

8 more IG mini quilt blocks

7 glasses of wine

6 more IG mini quilt blocks (DONE!)

5 Swoon blocks

4 borders added to a second IG mini quilt

3 nights of handsewing binding

2 Christmas Pillows made


ah-mazing Tula Pink Swag!

Sorry about that. I had too! Ok. Moving on….

Those IG mini quilt blocks took a lot of my time. I even spent our guild sewing day working on them. I mean, look at this…this is a 3″ block:


Here is the “for scale” photo. As you can see, small. So small. Not sure I will ever make this one again. If I do, I will generate up a paper piecing pattern for it. Without that stability, some of the smaller half-inch squares started to get a bit wonky.


All in all, it turned out magnificent. I added a border to not only bring it to size but to also keep all those small edges from unraveling during quilting and binding. This way, everything was secure. It went out today and I can’t wait to see what my partner thinks about it!


And while we are on the topic, I had a participant in my IG mini quilt group that couldn’t fulfill her obligation so Julie and I stepped in and teamed up to make her partner something great. Julie made the center block (its like an altered log cabin…so great!) and I added the outside curved geese borders. They brought it up to a good size and gave it a bit more playfulness. This one also went out today but she doesn’t know that we are the ones that made it. I figure she will find out eventually (my names is on the box) so I felt there was no harm in posting it here.


After sitting for over a year now, I am bound and determined that this Swoon quilt will be finished by Spring. (Hopefully sooner if I can figure out how to piece a 120″ x 120″ backing in my room that isn’t much larger than that. Oy!) I have decided that instead of doing one block here and one block there, I am just getting them all finished at once. So, I have made a Swoon assembly line. I have 5 left and they are all being worked on at the same time. I have a system and for some crazy reason, it works! These suckers are so big (24″ each) that it’s like putting together 16 mini quilts to make one large one.


What else…oh, 2 Christmas Pillows. Chrissy over at Sew Lux made up these pillow kits and I scooped two of them up to throw on the couch this Christmas. They don’t really match any of my stuff but then again, none of it matches each other so I figured, why not? I did try a new technique out though while making them and once I got the hang of it, these little things flew right along.

I am holding the pillow top with one hand and taking the pic with the other and as you can see, everything is hanging there (the first 3 rows have been sewn together). Because of the way that it was pieced, there are no rows to worry about mixing up or pieces that get turned around. Everything is where it should be. Once you get to this point you just keep sewing the rows together until you get to the bottom. Its hard to see but if you enlarge the picture you can see the threads holding all the rows together.


Here are my 2 pillow tops. They are basted and ready for quilting as soon as I get the Swoon blocks done and off my table. Hopefully this week.


And lastly, my favorite part. I have an Angel who got me some Tula Pink stuff while at the International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh last month. A brochure about her new line coming out next year, a sticker (which now lives on my sewing machine) and the highly coveted, rare, numbered, and autographed deck of playing cards. I may have squealed a little when I opened this (ok, a lot)!!


And that my friends, was my Nov. Well, that and the first week of Dec but who’s really counting. I have a Chem final coming up followed by the holidays with family. Can’t wait!!





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A Little Bit of Everything in October

October is over?? Wow! It went fast. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it. I have a lot to share today so I hope you like pictures!!

Lets see…Last time I posted, it was about a mini quilt. My ThimbleBlossoms mini quilt to be exact. Well, that got finished and turned out quite good if I do say so myself. Take a look:


This was the fantastic package that I got back from my partner! A Tula Pink mini quilt, lots of little goodies, some non-chocolate candy and a wonderful ornament.


I love Christmas so I can’t wait to hang this up. Look at these little pieces of fabric all folded up. It’s the perfect colors and suits me to a T. Overall, it was a great swap for my first one.


Speaking of swaps, I have finally started on my Instagram Mini Swap Quilt. After getting thru another Chem test (aced it!!) I figured it was time to get cracking. I have to mail this bad boy out at the beginning of December. I am doing this terrific pattern that requires 1″ 4-patches. Doesn’t that sound awesome! I thought it did until I started working on it. Oh, I still love it, it’s just taking some time to get used to working with pieces this small again. It’s been a while! Don’t worry though, it will be amazing when I am thru working my magic on it.


I think I also told you that I was going to be handsewing most of October? Well, I was. I even had a needle go thru my finger because I am really bad about not using a thimble of any kind. It all paid off though, I won a couple of ribbons at the Quilt Show!!!

Mario took second place in the Juvenile category. I don’t see him as being juvenile and originally entered him into another category but apparently the judges disagreed. In the end, it all worked out.


The Salt Water Metro Rings Quilt below, took Honorable Mention in the Lap Quilt category. I pieced it and Julie quilted it. There was some good competition in this category so this makes me very happy.


Christmas Countdown didn’t place but, since I didn’t expect any of them too, I am not even a bit disappointed! It was still so fun to see it hanging up. As was all of them. Just an overall neat experience. I especially liked seeing people stopping to view them. Kind of cool!


The quilt show pick up turned out to be long and then it was rainy and cold out so I went home and cuddled up on the couch and finished the binding on this 3-year-old table runner. Yep, you read that right. Year 1 = make it & use it unfinished. Year 2 = Use it unfinished. Year 3= realize that it will never get finished unless you finally give it to Julie. Now I will be able to use it properly this year! hahaha


I also finished another Swoon block in this month. Definitely a bit girly with the pink, but in person, it looks really nice with the green complimentary fabric. I also fixed my 3 Swoon blocks that had mistakes in them. I am down to 4 or 5 blocks left and I can put a quilt top together. As soon as my IG Mini Quilt is finished, these are next.


And lastly, I whipped up a pattern test for Chrissy over at Sew Lux Fabrics. She has a great online store and if I ever have a question, she is right there with an answer willing to help out. As an added bonus, she is so close to me that I get overnight shipping on most everything I order. This is her Machine Sewn Mini pattern and its adorable. The machines came together in no time and there was no paper piecing!! This one is going in the pile to be quilted. I thought about doing it myself but I don’t want another Thanksgiving table runner situation. 🙂



Whew, I think that does it for October. My intention is to blog more often I have been doing good until this past month. Everything just kind of all hit in a span of a few weeks. Glad to have a lot of stuff off my plate.

November will be for the IG Mini Quilt, a sew day at the guild, another Chem test, Thanksgiving with the hubby and maybe some Swoon blocks worked in.



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Thimble Blossoms Mini Quilt Swap

Wow, its been a few weeks! Had my first test (aced it!) and the hubby and I have started playing tennis a couple of nights a week. When it isn’t raining. Between that stuff and normal every day life, sewing is a bit more scarce around here. I try to use my weekends as my major source of sewing time. Oh, and I bought a whiteboard for my sewing room so I am hoping that helps me with all the little things that I keep setting aside.

This weekend was spent working on my Thimble Blossoms Mini Quilt. I believe that I mentioned here that I was doing an IG Swap where not only was I a participant, but also a swap mama. Well, a few days after that one transpired, another one came along. Using a Thimble Blossom pattern and any fabric, make a mini for a swap. Well, I liked this one a lot because you have a defined set of patterns to choose from. And, to narrow it down even further, you would get to see what ones your partner loves/hates. So, I joined in. I don’t know who my partner is but it has been fun stalking the #thimbleblossomsminiquiltswap hashtag on Instagram trying to guess.

A couple of weeks ago, I showed you this bundle:

photo 4

Well, using this pattern:

Photo from Thimble Blossoms

I was able to make 9 of these:

photo 3


And than turn those into a sashed Mini-Quilt:

photo 4

I can’t tell you why I love it or why I think my partner will. I don’t want to give the surprise away!! I don’t think they read my blog but you never know. I will tell you that there are 29 pieces in each one of those 6.5″ blocks. That’s 261 pieces just for the 9 blocks!!! The whole thing is around 24″ square.

I started quilting it last night. I am extremely spoiled by having Julie do all my quilting and now it isn’t something that I think about. So for this one, I figured, keep it simple. I have a bad habit of jumping into something complicated and not finishing it or rushing if I have too. So, I did outlining on each side of the sashing with matching thread and now I am working on outlining the interiors of the stars with matching thread.

photo 5

I thought about outlining the 8 spokes of each block but that would take so much time that I just don’t have right now. I still have to get binding on it which takes precedence.

I am also trying to get hanging sleeves on my 3 quilt show quilts. I have 2 hanging sleeves, 1 binding, and 3 labels left. The countdown has begun. T minus 28 days. Whoa, Seeing that in writing is a bit scary. Guess I know what my evenings will hold for the next 3 to 4 weeks!








Photo from Thimble Blossoms

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Quilting, Piecing, and some Space Dust

Sometimes I don’t know how to start off a blog post. Hi? Hi y’all? Hola? What’s up yo? What about just, Hello? Ok, Hello.

Whew, now that the awkwardness is behind us, lets move on to the good stuff. And I do mean good stuff. Because anything that begins or ends (or sings in the middle) of Tula Pink is all the goodness I need in life. And, this one ranks right up there. I got to spend the past weekend with Julie and on top of getting 8 Block of the Month blocks done, and 2 other backings, we got this ray of sunshine quilted.

image (5)

I love this quilt. The colors. The design. So much so that I already have another one planned!

Salt Water Curves 2

Close-up of the Nautical themed quilting.

Salt Water Curves

On the frame, being worked on

I just need to get binding made and then get it sewn down. Debating on putting this one in the Fall quilt show here in New Bern. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty dang awesome.

Moving on, but not really too far, is the QAL that I mentioned I was starting. It is being hosted on Instagram by John Adams and Paul Hallinger. The pattern is Space Dust by Tula Pink and I am using the same fabrics that she did in her original design. I have had them hoarded for a while not really knowing what I wanted to do with them. When I saw this happening, I knew it would be perfect.

photo 1

Fabrics picked out, 45 page pattern ready to go

I sat down a couple of weeks ago and got my first row sorted and ready to go.

photo 2

The whole quilt is paper pieced, which I am no stranger too, so I was able to whip up my first few blocks pretty quickly. I will say though, paper piecing with larger sized pieces is much harder than doing it with smaller squares. These bad boys end up being 7″ x 10″ each.

photo 3

After getting the hang of this particular pattern, I was able to get 2 rows busted out in about a week.

photo 4

I am almost done with Row 3 now and I can’t wait to get back to work on this one. The original pattern calls a LOT of extra white to be added to the sides to bring it to a large Queen size. I think I have decided that I am going to leave mine without the sides and make it into a wall hanging for my sewing room. It will be a very large one but how could all this Tula Pink fabric yumminess not be amazing as a backdrop for my new room??!!?

See you soon!




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July Catch-Up

Wow, its been almost a month since I have posted. This has been a busy month. The Mr. changed career paths which took a lot of our free time to get him up and running. Once he was out of the house and in his own workspace…I got the extra room in our house! That’s right folks, I officially have a sewing room. Woo-hoo!!!

My first order of business, buying something to sew on. See, I am a researcher. I research everything. If there is something to be learned online, I will learn it. Want to know what I learned about sewing table/desks? They are flipping expensive for not a lot of usable space. And the ones that do have usable space? Well, those bad boys cost more than my sewing machine. I have been sewing/quilting perfectly fine on the dining room table for 5 years. Lots of room for cutting and whatnot. *Lightbulb* Buy another dining table! So, I did. I found an extremely nice one at Walmart. Now, normally I wouldn’t use those words (nice, walmart) together in a sentence, but let me tell you, this one is nice. Sturdy. Doesn’t rock. Has really good supportive legs. I LOVE it!

Sewing Room 1

Nice Big Dining Room Table

Once I got my table and my tv stand/desk moved around, I rounded up all my supplies. Yep, rounded up. You see, while I have been extremely lucky to have a nice place to sew, since it was the dining room, all of my stuff was scattered. Some in the dining room. Most in a closet. Some under the bed. It took a lot more trips then I thought it would.

Sewing Room 2

Hmmm…needs a lot of organizing!

But eventually, I got it all moved and was able to start putting things away. It is heaven. I love having a place that is mine that I don’t have to clear off to eat dinner. I actually find myself sewing more now during the week than I have in a long time.

Sewing Room 3

My Panoramic View

Hmmm…what have I been sewing you ask? Well, since this is a sewing blog and not a furniture one, I will tell you. Metro Rings and Churn Dash.

Metro Rings is a quilt that I started a couple of months ago using Tula Pink’s (surprise, surprise) Saltwater line. It was my first curves and I couldn’t have picked a better pattern to wet my feet with. I finished it up over the weekend and it is ready for some awesome longarm action.

Metro Rings Quilt

Churn Dash is one that I have wanted to do for a while. Its a simple well-known pattern that I made using a line of fabrics called Waterfront Park. They are bright, bold, and flashy fabrics. They are right up my alley. This one was also finished and is ready to be quilted.

Churn Dash Quilt

I am thinking that I am going to move my design wall to a different wall in the room. It isn’t very convenient to get to when it is stuck back in a corner like that.

There is an ulterior motive for wanting to get both of these quilt tops done and off my plate. One of them is a gift and the other reason is that there is a quilt-along starting on Aug 1st that I am joining and I wanted to have these finished before I delve into that. Stay tuned, there is more to come!



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Hop, Skip, Jump BOM Finish

Okay, I really did not intend to have another finish to show this week. I promise. I am such a slow sewer and do not get much done during the week. but, we have an anomaly! I killed it last Sunday.

This quilt actually started a year ago. I signed up for my first BOM (Block of the Month) thru Sew Lux.  They are a fantastic shop that I have become quite fond of. They are located in Raleigh so it’s nice to know that I am supporting a local (well, not really local, but 2 hrs is not TOO far away) store. I already have reservations for the next BOM and for 2 kits arriving in the fall.

Ok, back to the subject at hand. They sent out a new block (fabric and instructions) every month. I procrastinated until about halfway thru and than I caught up and stayed with it. Last Sunday, I pulled out the last block in the series and proceeded to put it together.

Here are all 12 blocks laid out together:

HSJ Blocks

The fabrics look a bit dull in this picture but they have some great coloring to them while feeling a bit vintage at the same time. The fabrics are PB&J by Basic Grey.

As I started packing away the extra fabrics, I thought “why not go ahead and just cut out the sashing and cornerstones so that they would be ready.” Well, than that turned into, “why not just go ahead and get a few blocks sashed” which was followed by “oh hell, just put the whole thing together and be done with it.”

So I did!

PBJ Quilt

Sew Lux had offered up Border/Binding kits to go along with the quilts and as always, I procrastinated and missed out. I looked online and saw that she had yardage available so when I emailed her she was super helpful and nice enough to put together a kit for me and send it out.

I already have the backing for this one so now, it just goes into my pile, to be given to Julie for quilting. Man alive, I have been loading her up lately. Thanks Julie!!!!

The machine has officially been put away for this weekend to spend time with family and friends. Not sure what is up next but I have no shortage of things to choose from. I may get up the nerve one day to show you my to-do list. Its pretty insane. I love it.



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Quilt Guild Shared Blocks

After finishing up the Simply Style Quilt, I was ready to move on to some small things and than I remembered that I had one more thing to do first: put together my guild quilt. Over the past 6 to 8 months, everyone in the guild has been swapping boxes of fabric. So 3/4ths of my blocks are made up by others. I believe I showed my original fabric and 1st inspiration block previously, here. When I remembered that this was on a deadline, I figured I had better get cracking so that I am not rushing at the end of May to get it done. So, I whipped up the quilt top last weekend. 

The blocks all finish at 12″ and when I started thinking about layouts, I ended up picking out a traditional 3×4 layout with sashing in between. The more I thought about it though, the more I wanted to do something different. Why not? Change things up a bit around this place. I figured that since this is a “Modern Quilt Guild” that I should go a bit more modern, so I sketched up a mock layout with on-point blocks and a TON of negative space. I LOVED it! 


Here are the blocks after sewing them all together on point. I had to whip out some Pythagoras’ Theorem to figure out the top and bottom triangles. I only knew the measurement for the longer 3rd side of the triangle and I really needed to find the other 2 sides so that I would know how large to cut my starting squares. If anyone ever tells me that quilting is easy or doesn’t require a lot of thought, I will smack them. In the face. With a chair. Just kidding. Kind of…


Once I got all the blocks sewn together with their outer triangles, it turned out to be a super long rectangle. I added some more white fabric to each side and that was it! The left side got 17″ of white fabric…the right side got 34″ of white fabric. I wanted the blocks to be a little off center.


This isn’t the best picture, it was pouring the rain that day and I have nowhere really in the house that has good lighting. Once it gets quilted I will make sure to have much better photos taken. 

This sucker is huge. Something like 85″x85″. Its a monster. An unintentional monster. Nonetheless, I have no clue what I will be doing with this once it is finished. Not that I don’t like it, it just isn’t my most favorite quilt I have made. We’ll see what it looks like after the quilting. That can change everything. 

I did get a small project done this past weekend. I will get it posted as soon as I am able. I am anxious to show it off. 




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