Super Tote!!

I have seen these tote bags on many a blogs and also all around the Instagram community. I love my Weekender so much that I knew I wanted to give this one a shot. It helps that I also love making bags and pouches. Pretty much anything that you can store something in.

Image from Noodlehead

The pattern is by Noodlehead (I also have 1 or 2 more of her patterns) and of course, I used Tula Pink fabrics with some off-white canvas. I debated on what fabrics to use and kept coming back to these. For me, that’s always the hardest part. Once I figure out what fabrics I want, I can normally start working on a project pretty quickly.

This bag reminded me a lot of the Weekender in the prep stage. There was a lot of template cutting and a lot of interfacing. Which, is fine by me. I like my tote bags to be a bit more sturdy.

photo 1

After a couple of days of cutting, interfacing, sewing, and swearing, I finally did it. There were a few bumps along the way and a couple of small mistakes, but its all good. Thick bags are never easy and this just reminded me of that.

Here it is:

Super Tote 1

I still need to topstitch my handles. *ahem* Apparently being 32 still doesn’t allow for the understanding of needing to read the pattern carefully. oh well. The zipper works and there are no holes in the bag. I consider that a raging success!! hahaha

Here is the zipper when it is closed. As you can see it extends beyond the bag. I did that so that I could have full access to the entire bag when opened.

Super Tote 2

Once its opened, it is an extremely large tote bag with a few elasticized pockets in it. I almost made these pockets a bit smaller but I wanted to go by the pattern for the first time making it. That’s one change I will definitely do if I make another one for me. When you have the elastic you don’t need a huge pocket because the elastic extends it. These have both elastic and extra fabric. As a diaper bag, this would be perfect (diapers, wipes, etc…). As a tote bag for me, not so much.

Super Tote 3

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Last picture. I had to take some stuff to the Post Office for the hubby and ended up throwing everything into this just to see how well it fit. There are 2 smaller boxes in the bottom with a couple of envelopes on top. It was perfect! I think this is going to be a great bag to not only travel with but to also throw things in if I am headed out for the day or whatnot.

Super Tote 4

As you can see, the zipper section folds down against the inside of the bag and out of the way. Seeing how good this one turned out makes me want to start another one. BUT, I have way too many other things on the list. Maybe once I get thru some of those.

I believe that up next is going to be a Sew Together Bag. It looks so useful and you can never have enough zippered pouches of any kind. I have the pattern. but, as mentioned earlier, now I am stuck trying to figure out fabrics. It never ends….



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3 responses to “Super Tote!!

  1. ahh heem, 45 and I still don’t read the pattern fully until I “need” to – read need as totally confused, what the heck did I do wrong..great bag!!

  2. What a terrific bag! Beautiful job! I especially like what you did with the zipper!

  3. kelly o!

    What a great tote! I love Tula fabrics, too, and have been planning one of these using some Neptune fabrics.

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