Quilt Guild Shared Blocks

After finishing up the Simply Style Quilt, I was ready to move on to some small things and than I remembered that I had one more thing to do first: put together my guild quilt. Over the past 6 to 8 months, everyone in the guild has been swapping boxes of fabric. So 3/4ths of my blocks are made up by others. I believe I showed my original fabric and 1st inspiration block previously, here. When I remembered that this was on a deadline, I figured I had better get cracking so that I am not rushing at the end of May to get it done. So, I whipped up the quilt top last weekend. 

The blocks all finish at 12″ and when I started thinking about layouts, I ended up picking out a traditional 3×4 layout with sashing in between. The more I thought about it though, the more I wanted to do something different. Why not? Change things up a bit around this place. I figured that since this is a “Modern Quilt Guild” that I should go a bit more modern, so I sketched up a mock layout with on-point blocks and a TON of negative space. I LOVED it! 


Here are the blocks after sewing them all together on point. I had to whip out some Pythagoras’ Theorem to figure out the top and bottom triangles. I only knew the measurement for the longer 3rd side of the triangle and I really needed to find the other 2 sides so that I would know how large to cut my starting squares. If anyone ever tells me that quilting is easy or doesn’t require a lot of thought, I will smack them. In the face. With a chair. Just kidding. Kind of…


Once I got all the blocks sewn together with their outer triangles, it turned out to be a super long rectangle. I added some more white fabric to each side and that was it! The left side got 17″ of white fabric…the right side got 34″ of white fabric. I wanted the blocks to be a little off center.


This isn’t the best picture, it was pouring the rain that day and I have nowhere really in the house that has good lighting. Once it gets quilted I will make sure to have much better photos taken. 

This sucker is huge. Something like 85″x85″. Its a monster. An unintentional monster. Nonetheless, I have no clue what I will be doing with this once it is finished. Not that I don’t like it, it just isn’t my most favorite quilt I have made. We’ll see what it looks like after the quilting. That can change everything. 

I did get a small project done this past weekend. I will get it posted as soon as I am able. I am anxious to show it off. 





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