My Sunday Stash!!

I have splurged a little lately. Ok, maybe a lot. 😉 But, in my defense, the majority of it has been on quilt backings. It seems like I am finishing things a bit too quickly and quilt backing adds up man!!
Moving on, anyone who follows my blog knows that I am a Tula Pink lover. So, I was plesantly surprised when her new line, Foxfield came out. I didn’t love it! I didn’t hate it, but the love wasn’t there. I held off and held off but than a naughty person, I shall call her Julie, brought me hers to see in person. I was a goner.

I can honestly say, while I still don’t love every print, the majority of them are pretty great. Not sure yet what this will become but it was added to my Tula Pink cubby to reside with the rest of its Tula family.

I didn’t lay out all my fabrics but Julie did!!! Go here to see them all individually if you so choose too.

I have another quilt finish to show you but need to get some better pictures. I will work on it. Now that I am up to 4 quilts that need to be quilted, this girl is officially on a quilt break!

See you soon!!

Linking up to Mollie Sparkles Sunday Stash. Go check out what others are stashing this week!!



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2 responses to “My Sunday Stash!!

  1. That is such a pretty stack of fabric. I have not gotten any yet but we’ll see!

  2. I felt exactly that way about TP’s Salt Water line. I really loved Foxfield though… I ordered every print! Mostly half yards, but the main prints I ordered either 1 or 1.5 yards. I ended up with 17.5 yards ordered… *GULP*. Probably my biggest splurge to date on one fabric line!! Yikes!

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