Fabric, Fabric, Fabric

Do you guys Instagram? I have played around with it in the past but just recently actually started using it. Its amazing!

I am a very visual person and I love looking at pictures, and patterns, and diagrams. So, turns out, Instagram is the perfect medium for me. Who knew!?! I am on there as @mugirl113

I discovered last week, through someone else’s posting, that the quilting/sewing world on Instagram was gearing up for an epic destash. In other words, everyone was cleaning house and yard sale-ing their fabrics. It was insane! Once it truly started, you had to get your name on something in under 10 seconds or it was gone. (Its a first come, first served kinda sale) I may have drained the batteries on both my iPad and iPhone from refreshing the page so often. Haha

With some quick typing, I was able to score a few deals!
Here’s what I ended up with:

3 Nest by Tula Pink charm packs
1.25yds Aqua Nest by Tula Pink yardage
2 Cuzco by Kate Spain charm packs
1 Kona Solids charm pack
3 Comma charm packs
2.3yds Green Frogs by Tula Pink yardage

Mmmm…look at that pile. I love charm packs because of their versatility. I already have projects in mind for pretty much everything.

Stuff (fabrics, supplies, books, notions, etc…) is still being posted every day and most sellers are accepting offers so, if you have some time, go check it out at #thegreatfabricdestash

Up next, more Swoon!!



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