Christmas Stockings

I LOVE Christmas decorating. Tree, garland, little santa’s and snowmen. The whole 9 yards. But, I have a confession. We have never had christmas stockings in our house.
(Pause for dramatic gasp…)
I know…unacceptable! I have never really found any that I liked and if I did, it would be at a time when I couldn’t or didn’t want to spend the money.

So, this year, I said no more. I searched online and found a great, extremely easy, tutorial for christmas stockings from Positively Spendid.

I dug out some scrap christmas fabrics that Julie had given me years ago. Sparkly goodness that I have been holding onto for something small and holiday related.

People, these were so simple to make its ridiculous. I whipped them up so quickly that I didn’t take any photos as I was making them.

I took my pictures late last night so while the lighting is horrible, you can still see how cute they turned out.

I still have more scraps left…wonder what else I can come up with in the next 6 days 🙂

Merry Christmas!!



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