Christmas in October

I have been itching to make a Christmas quilt for a few years now. Unfortunately, I have never thought about it early enough and I have always had something else on the to-do list. So, this year, I said no more!! It’s christmas quilt time.

I found a pattern that I fell in love with on the Moda Bakeshop website, Starry Eyed. When I saw The Christmas Countdown line by Deb Strain for Moda, I knew that I had a perfect pairing.

When reading thru the pattern, it didn’t look that bad. A little cutting, a little piecing. Man alive, I completely misjudged this one. More like a LOT of cutting and a TON of chain piecing. But that’s ok! I got everything cut for this (and for 2 other quilts!) yesterday and got all of my chain piecing done this morning. I took the weekend off from school so I figured I should make it worth it. Haha

I did change up the materials a bit. It called for a layer cake and 2 charm packs. Since it had you cutting the layer cake into 2.5″ pieces, I figured I would try to save some work and instead, I bought/used a jelly roll.

Once I got it all cut up, this is what I ended up with:

There are about 15 sets in each one of those piles!! Lots and lots of 2.5″ squares. After a marathon of chain piecing and ironing, I had piles and piles of strips.

From here out, it’s just putting the blocks together. I got 2 done. Considering everything else that I did this weekend, I don’t think that’s too bad!!

It’s back to my regular scheduled programming starting tomorrow so it feels good to have everything already cut and available so that I can sew a little bit whenever I have some time. Maybe I will be able to finally have a Christmas quilt on the couch this year. That’s my goal anyway.



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