Simple Squares

Its been a while!

I have started a new chapter in life. I am going to back to school in the evenings. That, along with everything else that life has to offer, means that this girl has been busy! In the midst of the craziness I have also done something else that I am really excited about. I created my first pattern!

You see, I live in a small townhouse and do not have the room to really keep a stash. Of course, I have projects that I have stored that are on my to-do list but I don’t have the ability to just store things in the off chance that I may use them some day. That includes waste/leftovers. I am not a scrap keeper. I actually don’t like scraps. I hold onto them long enough to bag them up and than they get donated. There is too much newness to have fun with to mess with fabrics that I have already made something with.

When I purchased a layer cake over the summer, I knew that I wanted to do something really easy with it that would use the entire thing and not leave me with extra squares. Most of the patterns that I found online were meant to be combined with multiple other layers cakes or multiple charm packs or a lot of extra yardage. Or, they were very involved. I just don’t have the time anymore for involved! So, when I couldn’t find what I wanted, I got creative.

I came up with a pattern that I am going to share with all of you! I will include the link for the PDF at the bottom for you so that you can have your own copy. I call it Simple Squares. See, even the title is easy! πŸ™‚

Isn’t is gorgeous! It turned out so much better than it was in my head. Check it out:

Simple Squares Quilt

Unfortunately, I got a little too happy getting it started and forgot to take tons of pictures like I should have. I started with a Moda Good Fortune layer cake, a Moda Bella White jelly roll, and a yard of Good Fortune fabric for the border:

Simple Square Supplies


Ready to find a great layout:

Simple Squares Layout

This is my pile of 4-patch squares with my pile of sashing strips and my pile of layer cake squares. Ready for sewing!

Block 1 and 2

Without the border:

Simple Squares without Border


I am so excited about this pattern. I already have so many ideas for future quilts. I want to do a Halloween one with black sashing. I want to do a christmas one. Oh, and a regular fall one also. Leaves and fall colors. So many ideas. Thats the great thing about this pattern. It is so versitile!

I needed a tester, so I asked Julie to test it out for me. I knew that she had a layer cake sitting around somewhere that she could use. She was so great that she actually got hers done before I got mine done. Go figure. πŸ™‚ Hers turned out AMAZING!! I was so excited to see it. Go check it out immediately.

Because I am so great, I am giving you the opportunity to make one! Click here to see the PDF file and you can save it from there. If anyone finds anything wrong with it, please let me know and I will get it fixed right away. Otherwise, enjoy! Oh, and if you post this or any completed pictures online anywhere, please be courteous and link back to this post and/or my blog. Thanks!!

This quilt is heading off to be professionally quilted. I will show it off once it gets back. In the mean time, I am off to finish a gift and learn some more Anatomy.








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5 responses to “Simple Squares

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  2. Sharon Ballard

    Jess. I am so proud if all you have done with your quilting. To think this all started when you helped me put a quilt topping to a backing. Keep up the good work. I love your new quilt. Love you

  3. Karen O'Rourke

    Love this quilt!!! Once again, you have created something gorgeous! I am sincerely hoping that something special to keep me warm will be under my tree this year…

  4. Jessica!

    A beautiful quilt and a great accomplishment.

    Good for you to be going back to school nights — I admire your gumption … and your quilt-making skills.


    • Thanks Kate!

      I am a big fan of KS fabrics (Terrain especially) and I missed out on Cuzco so when I saw this layer cake I had to grab it. I knew I wanted to do something fun and simple with it and it turned out great. And easy.

      As for going back to school again, whether its gumption, craziness, or insanity, who knows. It will all be good in the end though.


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