Swooning over Acacia

Nothing finished to show today. Been tailoring mens clothes all weekend. How about something new instead?

If you are a part of the quilting/sewing world online than you have probably heard of Tula Pink. What this girl can design and produce is amazing.

I was a little late jumping on the Tula Pink bandwagon. I didn’t know too much about her until her latest book came out and the quilt along started. One of the things I learned was that she has a new line of fabrics coming out next month, Acacia.


Photo by Westwood Acres

Oh my goodness. Aren’t they just yummy!!

While I am not in love with all the purples, I think in the grand scheme of it all that they balance out the rest of the colors.

I pre-ordered mine from Westwood Acres on Etsy. It’s a fabulous shop that carries all the latest and greatest fabrics.

I don’t buy fat quarters much, so when I decided to pre-order this bundle (I got the bundle that has the solids with it) I started thinking about patterns that went best with Fat Quarters. There are tons!! One of the ones I kept coming back to was Swoon by Camille Roskelley.
Once again, late to the Swoon party. But that’s ok. Better late than never, right? Well, that’s what I will tell myself anyway. Hehe

Each block is a whopping 24″ square. Needless to say, it doesn’t take many to turn this into a bed sized quilt. In an effort to not waste/stash any fabric I am setting a lofty goal of 16 swoon blocks. That turns this into a large king sized quilt that we can put into rotation.

Now the hard part…deciding what color sashing/background to use. Hmmm…

Have any of you made a swoon block or quilt? Any tips or hints? Should I cut and piece one block at a time? Spend a full day cutting and separate into baggies for piecing as I can?




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6 responses to “Swooning over Acacia

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  2. April

    Hit send too soon:). Also, I did all my cutting at once. It was a ton of cutting, but that way when you finish one block you can move on to the next without dreading more cutting. Chain piece as much as possible. And be prepared to spend an equal amount of time pressing as sewing. But worth every minute of it!

    • Thats kind of what I am leaning towards. There are some evenings when I may only get 15 or 30 min to sew and I think it would be nice to do some actual sewing instead of cutting.
      Can’t wait to get started!!

  3. April

    I love swoon! I did one earlier this summer and while it was tedious at times, I would do it again! It makes a lovely quilt. Advise wise, cut your “3 7/8″ squares at 4” and then trim your HSTs down after. Press seams open. Check out the “swooning on a hop along” group on Flickr. Tons of tips and inspiration there! Good luck!

  4. can’t wait to see what you come up with. especially with those fabrics! if you want to see how far i’ve gotten on my first swoon block, you can check it out here:
    lol…not very
    good luck 🙂

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