Busy Busy Month!!

I feel horrible that it has been so long since I last posted.

156 half-square triangle quilt blocks? DONE!
Handmade bunting? DONE!
Ring Bearers Pillow? DONE!

Now that the wedding stuff is all completed I can get back to our regular scheduled programming.

As for our regular schedule, I have one project that I am anxious to start working on again. I have a self-imposed deadline for it that I would love to hit. And there are about 10 other projects, waiting in the wings. Which might include a quilt pattern created by me…???!!?!

Also, (because I cant post without a picture or 2, or 8!) the Modern Quilt Guild that I joined is doing a monthly friendship quilt block swap. We provided fabrics and 1 square to start it off. The fabrics that I chose for my quilt are Kaufman’s Kona Dimensions.
I love solids but they are kind of flat for me. These are a great alternative because they have some texture to them when looking at them up close. Got mine from Fabric.com

The block I chose came from my 99 Modern Quilt Blocks book. This block was designed by Emily Cier of Carolina Patchworks. Its called On the Plus Side. I fell in love with this block and it wasn’t until I started making it that I noticed who had designed it. I should have known it would be hers. If you have followed my blog for any length of time you will have seen my Terrain Quilt, my Mario Quilt, and my Ballet Girls quilt, all made from her patterns. I have another one of hers that is halfway done. I have countless other patterns, standalone and from her book, that are in the never-ending queue.

Ok, back to my block. Sorry for that tangent! I am a chatty girl. Here it is:
I LOVE it. All the colors really came together (slate gray, butter, coral, navy) and I can’t wait to see what all the other ladies make to go along with it.

Have some clothing tailoring to work on this week (yuck…I have been watching YouTube videos like crazy trying to teach myself how to do this stuff) and than I will be back with new project yumminess!!



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