Going to the Chapel…

And they’re gonna get married! (Now you’re totally going to be singing that song the whole rest of the day…haha)
So, one of my 5 sisters is getting married in Aug…Yay!!!! It’s a big to-do and I am so excited that I get to make a wonderful keepsake for her and her love.

After making the signature quilt for Grayson, way back when, I have been itching to make another. I love this idea of permanently putting down memories on something that someone snuggles with or sleeps with. It’s like all those people are always there with you, no matter how far away they really are physically.

She decided that she wanted Chevrons and purple and grey. So I sat down with the colored pencils and drew out some chicken scratch: 20130715-094205.jpg
We picked out these fabulous purple fabrics from One of Joel Dewberry’s lines, Aviary 2. The only ones we didnt end up using are the green and the green/white.
We added in a stack of grey mixed fabrics:
I also ended up leaving out the 2 fabrics in this pile with the white backgrounds. It was too much white when mixed with the solid.

(Full disclosure: both of the above photos were taken from the Etsy shops in which I bought the fabrics)

I spent Sat cutting the purple’s, the grey’s and almost 3 yards of Kona Snow:
And chain piecing half-square triangles:
It was a busy day! I made it halfway thru the piecing. Still have to turn them all around and sew down the other side. Than I can cut them apart and start ironing them to the wax paper.

That’s to be followed by some bunting and a ring pillow.

Lots to do!!


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