Birthday Gift Shenanigans…

For a while now, I have heard Julie talking about this one certain block that was in a book that I didn’t have: 99 Modern Quilt Blocks. I knew she had it though and when I asked to borrow it, she said to keep it. Great gal that Julie is.

Anyhoo…back on topic…As it was approaching her 29th birthday, I thought it only fitting to make this block for her in a mini-quilt. I heard her mention a certain fabric line, Modern Bliss, many times and so that’s what I decided to use. I paired it with a great matching Moda Bella solid gray fabric.

I took pictures of the first 3 blocks that I made:


These were tough blocks!! I enjoy paper piecing but these tested me with all the small pieces and seams. Completely worth it in the end though.

I ended up being so frazzled and rushed at the end that I totally forgot to get a picture of the 4th block and the whole thing together. That never happens with me! In the 4 years I have been sewing, I have never missed taking a photo of the end product. I think I was just terribly excited about the Expo and it just completely slipped my mind. Talk about last minute. Luckily, Julie put some pictures up, here, on her blog of both the quilt and the pillow.

In the end, I had some extra fabric so I decided to whip up a small pillow. I wanted to make 2 and make them all nice and quilted but once again, ran out of time. So, this one just got interfaced and sewn together. It still looks really cool though with the quilt.

The quilt ended up being 24″ x 24″. A perfect size to hang up. I used almost my entire yard of gray fabric. As much as I enjoy it, paper piecing can be very wasteful sometimes.

Happy 29th Julie…Hope you have a great year!!




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2 responses to “Birthday Gift Shenanigans…

  1. These are fantastic! Great job! Paper piecing small pieces can definitely test my patience!

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