Quilting and Sewing Expo

I am not really sure where to begin with this post. I could make it extremely long but instead, I am thinking that I will make this one all about the Expo itself and then do one with all of the classes I took and the projects that I made. I am a wordy person. 😉

The Quilting and Sewing Expo was held downtown at the convention center in Raleigh. It was a Thu/Fri/Sat event so I made sure that they could live without me at work and off we headed on Wed evening. Julie and I wanted to make sure that we were there bright and early on Thursday morning for our first class.

We stayed in a hotel that was connected to the Convention Center by an underground access. It was so convenient. Leave the lobby, take a couple of escalators down and there we were, right at the registration desk.

These are just a couple of pictures that I quickly snapped after one of my classes:20130624-211445.jpg20130625-075015.jpgThe convention center was huge. We came in on the first floor and there were 2 more levels (that I knew about) above us. The Expo was held on a level down from the registration. Crazy huge.

It was also pretty crowded! It was really great to see all of these folks (men and women!) who share this love of the same hobby that you do. Sometimes living in a small town, you kind of feel like you are in it alone. Thank heavens for the internet and other blogs. And of course, good friends like Julie.

Thursday and Friday both classes during the day. After the classes though is when the shopping fun started. Go thru some double doors and behold:
20130625-075233.jpgahhhhh….I do believe I heard angels singing when I saw this view. We were descending into this huge mecca of anything sewing, quilting, or arts related. Machines, furniture, thread, fabrics, a quilt show, entertainment…I could keep going. It was heavenly.
20130625-075246.jpgSuffice it to say that we didn’t make it all the way thru the first day. In fact, I think there were still vendors that we hadn’t visited by the time we left on Sat.

I did end up with a lot of fun purchases. A scarce Good Fortune Layer Cake, a couple of Christmas Countdown charm packs, and a quilt kit using Art Gallery fabrics (OMG…these are so soft, they feel like a mix of satin and silk).
20130625-075719.jpgThe best purchase was my thread. Recently I discovered that “Big J” is sooo picky about thread. She does not like my ample supply of Connecting Threads thread. I have been using some extra spools that Julie gave me of the good stuff that Big J loves, while waiting to purchase some at the Expo. They had a show special so I ended up getting 4 different cones of very neutral colors. 4 cones & 1 spool = roughly 11,000 yards. Yikes!! I shouldn’t run out of that for a very long time. Hopefully! I also picked up a thread/cone stand to use with them (the cones can’t go on the thread holder on the top of the machine). Eventually I would like to start stocking up on the smaller colored spools so that I have some different colors for quilting. The cones are great though for piecing since I do so much of that.

One of my favorite shopping moments was definitely sitting at this Koala sewing desk/cabinet. It has a remote-controlled lift, a collapsible extension table on the back, and it closes up completely so that it just looks like a cabinet. With a great sewing chair included. Of course, they had many show specials so it was hard to walk away. It’s the first time that I had seen them in person and if nothing else, it was great opportunity to see what they had to offer and all the different options that are available. This is something that I will seriously think about a little ways down the road. 🙂

All in all, Julie and I had an amazing time!! We fell into bed exhausted every night and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. We were there to experience it all and that we did. Go here if you would like to read all about the classes that I took, what I learned, and what I got to make.

On a parting note, check out this car cover! It was so neat looking in person. I believe that it was a guild that had put it together. Very cool.

Stay tuned tomorrow for all the nitty gritty on what classes I took, what I learned, and what I got to make!!



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