Welcome Home “Big J”

Ok, I admit, she really isn’t a part of the family in the human sense. But don’t tell Big J that. She is already a bit high maintenance as it is. 🙂

Hello Big J. Welcome to our family. (Well, welcome home 3 months ago. I keep forgetting to create and publish this post)

20130625-084107.jpgBig J’s real name is Janome Horizon 7700QCP. She is big. She has 11″ of throat space to the right of the needle. Its great. I can fit a king size quilt under there. She is also a bit heavy, but I wouldn’t want her any other way. (The only diets on this blog are of the fabric variety) She is sturdy and strong. She can sew thru multiple layers with ease and has no tension issues. I can free motion quilt on her and it turns out perfect.

I got to borrow Big J sometime last year and I fell in love than, but wasn’t in a position to get one of my own. She came from a very loving home and when she was offered to me at a price that I couldn’t resist, I jumped on it.

After sewing on her for a few months now, I can’t go back to my Brother machine. He is an amazing little machine that does things that some machines double his price don’t. If I had the room (and the need for 2 machines) I would keep him, but unfortunately I don’t. So, he has been spit shined and will be making an appearance on eBay soon. He has lots of mileage on him and has been well taken care of. He will be coming with a ton of extra accessories. We made dozens of beautiful quilts and accessories during our time together, but I have seen the dark side, and I can’t go back.

20130625-085351.jpgThe Brother had a wide extension table that I bought extra to go with it. That thing was phenomenal to have. Luckily Big J also came with one. Although, hers is double the size. Large enough that I can lay a book or a pattern on the left, sew in the middle, and keep a remote and/or my phone on the right.

Like all grown-ups, Big J likes the finer things in life, and that is ok with me because I get a better stitch, so much less lint (which means less cleaning), and better quality end items out of her. The old adage, you get what you pay for, is so true in the sewing/quilting world. With thread, fabric, etc…Now that I am fully stocked up on those finer things, I cant wait to start digging into some of my Expo projects.

Overall, I think that we are going to have a long and happy life together.



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