Quilt Show & Tula Pink Quilt-Along

Had a busy weekend!! Quilt show on Sat in Morehead City. It was fantastic!! I just love looking at all the different designs and color combo’s that people come up with. Its very inspiring.

One in particular really caught my eye because it was all paper piecing and the colors were spectacular together. After The Harry Potter quilt I am definitely not afraid, and instead, am in awe of this part of the quilting world. People do some amazing things with paper piecing.

Check out this beauty:

Each one of those fans that you see is a block. Each block probably had, oh like 50 pieces or more in it it seemed like. It was incredible. Someone had some amazing patience to work on this as long as they did. Add in the great borders and the really cool quilting and you have one amazing king sized quilt.

On another note, I only worked on 2 things yesterday. A small gift for a special person. I wish I could show it but I don’t know if they read this and I don’t want to take a chance on spoiling it.

I also worked on another Tula Pink block. I only have 3 left for this month, which I am going to try to finish up this week/weekend. This was block #61 and it was a simple one.




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One response to “Quilt Show & Tula Pink Quilt-Along

  1. Karen O'Rourke

    That quilt is gorgeous! I love the colors.

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