Tula Pink Quilt-Along

I was able to work on a few more Tula Pink blocks out of her new book over the weekend. I ended up making 6 blocks from 3 of the books designs. Remember, I am doubling up on blocks since I have the extra fabric every month.

I started out with Block #31. Loved the little 9 patch on these. And, when I say little, I mean little. These suckers were cut at 1″ I believe, which makes them 1/2″ after seam allowances. All of these blocks finish at 6.5″ I believe.

Block #31

Block #31

For some reason the second one came out blurry. Sorry. Guess I moved at the last second or something.

Block #31...Take two

Block #31…Take two

I made 2 of the blocks below, #51. They were both identical in fabric and construction so I see no point in posting 2 pictures. These were probably the ones I was most worried about because of all the points. I think they came out pretty good. I may have only lost a couple of tips out of both blocks so not too shabby.

Block #51

Block #51

#71 was another one that I made 2 of the exact same ones of. I think out of all of them, these are one of my favorite ones. The combination of the bright blue with the contrasting deep plum purple makes for a really striking block in person.

Block #71

Block #71

So, that’s 6 locks from the book (12 total) that I have made. I still have 2.5 maybe 3 weeks before the next fabrics show up so that still gives me plenty of time to finish up the other 4 blocks that are scheduled for May.

While these are a blast to make I am really glad that this is a 10 month Quilt-Along. Without the structure of something like that, I could easily see myself setting these to the side and forgetting about them or pushing other things ahead of them. I do really well with goals and schedules. I have to say that I am really enjoying my 1st Quilt-Along. Maybe there are more to come!

My goals this week are to get another section of the surprise quilt sorted and pieced and to get all the wedding fabrics in order and make sure that I have designs nailed down so that I can start cutting into the gorgeous Joel Dewberry fabrics.

Quilt show this weekend in Morehead City so I may try to fit in a Tula Pink block or two this week to make up for the time spent there. Can’t wait to see all the gorgeous quilts!!







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