Marshall Doorstop

Funny story. When we first moved into our house we took out all of the interior doors. (Except the bathroom of course). 2 bedrooms, 2 closets, linen closet, pantry, and laundry room. Gone. Our house is so small that looking down the hallway at the old, cheap doors was just horrendous. So, one by one, I put in new doors. Even the bathroom one eventually. And now it looks phenomenal. But, one thing continues to bug the ever loving daylights out of me. For some reason, my bedroom door refuses to stay open. Sure it will open, but it stays at about the halfway to 3/4ths point. I am assuming that either the doorframe is a bit crooked or I messed up a little when installing the door. We’ll go with the door frame being crooked. Yep, that’s the problem. 😉

I decided yesterday that I have had enough. So, after hubby picked out the fabric, I whipped up this super cute zippered doorstop pouch. Now I just need to get some filling for it.


I used a tutorial from one of the first blogs that I ever read, Oh Fransson


I love it! I doubled up on the med weight interfacing. She only calls for med weight but I wanted it to stand up a bit more and without any heavy weight interfacing around, I figured that was my best bet.


I also got a few other things done yesterday but I will save those for a separate post.

Happy Mothers Day!!


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