Tula Pink Quilt-Along

Got a great new book a couple weeks ago: Tula Pink’s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks

This book really interested me because, as much appreciation as I have for sampler quilts and the time invested in them, I really don’t love appliqué and curves, and all the other more time consuming techniques. They make a beautiful end product, but aren’t for me. This book on the other hand, is all about squares and rectangles and triangles. Now, those I can handle!!

I knew I wanted to make these blocks but I also knew that with so much going on and a full time job that I would make a few and than they would probably get stuck in the never ending to-do pile. So, instead, I joined an online block of the month (BOM). Every month I get sent fabrics to make the 10 blocks that are on the group’s to-do list and I have a self-imposed deadline of a month to do them. This is going to be RIGHT up my alley!!

I got my first set of fabrics for May blocks in on Friday and WOW! I wasn’t really sure what to expect and I was thoroughly surprised. There was a mixture of some very newly released fabrics and some coordinating prints and solids. After admiring and petting them for a while (don’t judge! They are so silky!!) I figured better now than never and got to cutting.

Here they all are before cutting into them:

20130504-215707.jpg I ended up signing up for the fat quarter BOM subscription. Since these squares are only 6″ (I will have lots of fabric left over) I decided to make 2 sets of squares. The second set of squares is going to be equal opposites of the first set. The dark solid in all the pictures is actually a dark very saturated purple. Like an eggplant purple. With the blues, greens, and pinks it actually looks really cool together.

First 3 sets of blocks:
20130504-213114.jpg Ok. This one below was supposed to be an opposite but apparently I can’t watch tv and chain piece at the same time. The blue print is supposed to be in the outside corners, but oh well. I am just going to pretend that it gives it more character.

I am hoping that since these are such small blocks that I will be able to get a few sets done every week. Just enough to keep me interested and not overdo it until the next months fabrics come in for the next set of blocks.

Oh, and I also finished up a jewelry travel roll-up today along with some Halloween pillow covers. My goal is to have it all listed in the store sometime tomorrow.



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