iPad Mini Traveling Case

My first finish of 2013! It’s been quite a while since I posted. Remodeling part of your house will do that to you.

Plus, some of the sewing that I have been doing, I can’t show you!

This I can:


An iPad Mini Traveling Case. I have one of those smart covers for the iPad but I wanted something that would completely protect it if I threw it in a bag. It also has this cute pocket on the front which is very spacious. Definitely enough for a charger and cord and any other accessories you may have.


I got the pattern from here on Etsy. It was a great pattern. It didn’t have a recommended seam allowance in it and I wanted my iPad to fit snuggly so I used a 5/8″ seam allowance. It’s definitely snug. By using a 5/8″ on the outside part of the bag, I should have used something higher on the lining. I have a tiny bit of bunching on the inside. I also interfaced the heck out of it which probably didn’t help the thickness any. I can’t help it. I love the firmness that interfacing gives to items like this.


I also didn’t do the handles. I don’t care for handles on something this small. Otherwise, it turned out great! I am extremely happy with it and can’t wait to take it on its first trip.




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3 responses to “iPad Mini Traveling Case

  1. Thank you for featuring my pattern on your blog!

  2. Don Ballard

    I love this – you are just too talented. Love you – be careful driving tomorrow


  3. Nikki

    I Love this!!! How do I order one?

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