The 17yr old UFO

No, not the alien kind of UFO. The quilting kind! In the quilting world UFO = Unfinished Object.

After my trip home to visit family last Oct, I came back with another project. 17 years ago, my mom made a quilt top. Life happened and it never got completely finished. I brought it back in Oct to re-baste and get it quilted and finished. I measured it at 110″ on all sides. Its a very large king quilt. So large in fact, that I actually had to borrow a great friends sewing machine as the quilt physically wouldn’t fit thru my machine.

Other than the quilt itself, there was another great thing that came out of me borrowing that great friends machine. Its a Janome Horizon and it has been on my wish list for a couple of years.

This was after I finally got it all basted. It took up my entire living room floor. Any larger and I would have had to start moving big furniture pieces.

Even with an 11″ throat space on the Horizon it was still a tight fit. There was enough room to push the bulk of the quilt out of the way but that was about it.

After I finally got all the quilting done I took it back to my king bed to see how it looked. It was a perfect fit.

Up close shot of the quilting. I did a line of quilting a quarter inch from every seam. It was a lot of quilting but in the end, the double seam quilting turned out to be great. The quilt was originally basted with a high-loft batting. I re-basted it with the same batting that she originally had which combined with the double seam quilting made it turn out to be very puffy squares. (and also the main reason why the quilt wouldn’t fit into m machine)

This was a shot of the back of the quilt after I was done. You can really see how great the double line quilting looks.

Parents Quilt Back

Spent some time with the Kona Color Card to figure out what color binding to use.

Parents Quilt

I ended up going with a seep forest green color. It blended in nicely at the edge of the quilt with the darker border fabric. You can see my use of bobby pins in quilting. They are great to hold down binding as you make you way thru the quilt.

I am glad that I was able to finish this quilt 17 years after it was started so that it can finally be used. I hope that it is enjoyed. And, thank you so much Julie for letting me borrow the Horizon for a couple of months. I couldn’t have finished this without your generosity.




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4 responses to “The 17yr old UFO

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  2. Gale

    This quilt is beautiful! Both you and your Mother did an amazing job. That basting was something, wasn’t it? I just found your blog internet searching tonight. Love this quilt!

    • Karen O'Rourke

      Hi Gale, I’m Karen, Jessica’s mom. Thanks for the comments. Without Jessica, that quilt probably would still be in the closet! What she didn’t mention is that the quilt went through a devastating flood after it had been basted originally, and had been washed and bleached several times to try and get it clean. Only one of the fabrics faded, but the backing did have some staining. Personally, I think it just adds to the history of the quilt.

  3. Julie

    Wow! That is a gorgeous quilt! I love how you quilted it and how it puffs up with the batting! Gorgeous! Glad the Janome worked out.

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