Terrain Quilt Finished!!

It has been months!!! I know it has been a long time since I posted. But, I am back and I have a ton of posts to catch up on!

I did eventually get my Terrain finished and I LOVE it. Its the first quilt that I didn’t prewash everything and it shrunk a lot more than I am used too. But that actually made it a great size for curling up in or sleeping under and gave it a fabulous crinkle.

Terrain Quilt

Not sure what size it ended up being. I just know that I love the fabric. and the pattern. I love the pattern so much that I have already bought another layer cake and a yd of border fabric for a future gift quilt.

Oh, and here is an Instagram picture of the backing. Its the only picture that I have that shows the print that I used on the back. I found it at walmart and while it didn’t match the front in terms of color, it was so bright and cheap (hehe) that I couldn’t pass it up.You can also see the larger stipple quilting that I did all over.

Terrain Backing



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