Jewelry Roll-up

I was headed to WV last week for Memorial Day weekend. 4 days before I was leaving I decided that I needed something to carry home my jewelry in. I have started accumulating a few more jewelry pieces and didn’t just want to dump them into a baggie or something. I looked on Etsy but they were all very expensive. Than, I remembered that I had seen a pattern somewhere before so I pulled out my One Yard Wonders book and there it was! It was perfect. It took me a few evenings as I didn’t get the right amount of interfacing the first trip. Than on the second night I got my zippers installed. The 3rd night I was able to put it all together.

I think it turned out great for my first time dealing with zippers! The fabric was from Walmart. It was a bit more expensive than I am used to Walmart fabric being, but still not nearly as high as quilt shop fabric. And, the good thing is, the way that I cut the pattern out means that I still have about half a yd of fabric left. So after zippers and ribbon, it was about a $6 project. Love that!!

Jewelry in it:

Close up of the zippers and the earring/ring holder:

All rolled up and ready for traveling:

This was a great project for a few evenings and now that I have made one, I imagine that another would be a lot faster. I can see this being an easy gift if one is ever needed.



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