Bumpy Terrain

This is a quilt that I have been thinking about for months and months. I say that, because the fabric that this project is made of, is my absolute favorite fabric that I have come across in over 2 years of sewing/quilting.

Its called Terrain, made by Kate Spain for Moda Fabrics. Gorgeous!! It’s even better looking in person than on the computer. A while back, I won a giveaway for a charm pack and a yd of Terrain. I almost screamed at work, I was so excited.

Terrain Fabric

But, I knew that if I wanted to make anything substantial with it, I would need more. So, when christmas came around, I decided that I wanted to splurge and get some of this fabric before it was completely gone. (It is already getting to be hard to find and it is only been out for about 5 months!) Etsy to the rescue!

I normally only buy fabric after deciding on a project (fabric is expensive to buy for no reason) so even though I knew I loved this line, I also was a little scared to purchase anything without a project/pattern in mind. I told myself to shut-up and buy it! hahaha!!!

I like all of the fabrics in the line so I knew trying to pick and choose on yardage would not end well. (For neither my stash closet or my bank account), I would want it all!! In the end, I went the more practical route  and I ended up buying a layer cake. A layer cake is a stack of 10″ squares made from all lines in the collection. It’s a great way to experience the entire collection without spending a ton of money.

Terrain Layer Cake

I stalked the mailbox for days waiting on this.

This is my layer cake and charm pack and single yard all together. I just wanted to sit and pet it all because the quality was so much better than I am used too. (Walmart fabric doesn’t feel at all like the almost silky brand name fabrics) It took a lot of strength to cut into this!

Terrain Layer Cake and Charm Pack

I ended up using a pattern called Sweet Garden by Carolina Patchworks (I think I own like half her store). The pattern was written for a layer cake so the cutting was super fast. I sashed it with a white on white print that I found at Walmart.

Terrain Quilt

That square turned into a much larger quilt top:

Terrain Quilt

Large enough, that I had to take pictures of it on my lumpy, bumpy king sized bed. I added a border that the pattern didn’t call for. I didn’t like the way the quilt just ended with a small white edge. I felt like it needed something darker to contain all the color.

From the other side:

Terrain Quilt

Last one…

Terrain Quilt

In not one of these pictures could I get the entire quilt in the frame. Its big, but that’s awesome, because it will be staying with me and living on my recliner. I already have the backing (a gorgeous aqua/turquoise print I also found at Walmart), so as soon as I pick up or order some batting, I will get this bad girl quilted and ready to be used!!

Happy friday friends!!!



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