Valentines Day Table Runner

After I got finished with the Wildlife quilt I had some time to do some thinking and I decided that the next couple of projects were going to be for me.

The first, was going to be a new Table Runner. I have looked for table runners in different stores and a lot of the ultra nice ones are upwards of $30. Yikes!! Yes, I could get a cheaper one for $10 or $15 at a discount store but I would not like it nearly as much and who knows how long it would last? I would much rather spend $10 or $15 and make one myself.

Valentines Day Table Runner

(I need to learn how to better utilize lighting and my iPhone for pictures.)

I found some great Moda red/pink girly fabrics on my last shopping trip and scooped them up. They turned out to be perfect for the pattern I used.  The colors are bright and cheerful and fun valentines day fabrics. I think it is close or at 4 foot long so it will fit perfectly on my coffee table.

It was finished off like a baby quilt would be. The backing was just laid on the top, I sewed 1/4 to 3/8 of a seam allowance and then turned everything right side out. Then I topstitched around the edges 1/8th of an inch.

I also omitted the batting. I used batting in my last table runner and I feel like it made it too thick. Decorative items don’t really sit flat on it. So, I left it out of this one. I love it that way. Its thin so I can set things on top of it and everything sits flat.

Valentines Day Table Runner

The backing is just a solid white that I had on hand. I didn’t want to use a color for the backing because without batting it would have shown thru the white triangles on the front.

Next up, a quilt (or maybe 2…hehehe) for me!!!



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