Wildlife Quilt

More than a year ago, I had a paying offer from an acquaintance to make a quilt. I have never made anything for anyone than that wasn’t a close friend or family member so I was hesitant to accept. What if it wasn’t liked? What if the fabrics I choose weren’t a good enough representation of what was wanted? What if this persons expectations were a lot higher than I could perform to? Millions of doubts. Time went by and it wasn’t mentioned for quite a while. Than, a few months ago, it was brought back up. Would I? I said yes. By this time I had a lot more experience and felt confident that I could give this person what they wanted.

I bought all of the fabrics after having a discussion about what was wanted. I was entrusted to pick them out, sight unseen and do this thing. So, I did. I did the best I could and delivered the finished product today. Ultimately, I am happy with it. I wish that my quilting had been a little better but I say that every time. The quilting was definitely the hardest part about this whole project because of the size of this beast. It turned out to be almost 77″x99″.

I had to move all of my living room furniture in order to just lay the pieces out:

Wildlife prints quilt\

Moved the dining room table up against the wall to reduce the pull on the quilt while quilting

Wildlife prints quilt

Mid quilting (using some new quilting gloves that I got a a xmas gift…thanks Julie!) I used a medium toned brown thread for the quilting. I probably could have gone a bit darker but I didn’t want a lot of contrast on the lighter fabrics.

Wildlife prints quilt

Quilting was done. I laid it over the couch to check for any mishaps and such…

Wildlife prints quilt

Wildlife prints quilt

I wanted to do a backing that would tie in to the front. I love a solid-esque type backing and I found this one at Fabric.com on clearance. It was 108″ wide which kept me from having to piece a back.

Wildlife prints quilt

Washed, dried and nicely crinkled. We headed outside (in our 70 degree weather!!) to get a couple of shots before it headed to it’s new home today! I really needed 2 people and a couple of chairs to hold it up but you do with what you’ve got!

Wildlife prints quilt

The yellows really seem to pop in these pictures but I assure you that they are not nearly as noticeable in person. They are actually a more gold tone and blend in very nicely with the rest of the fabrics.

Wildlife prints quilt

Whew! It feels good to have that done! Hope that it is liked by the recipient as much as I like it. I finished the binding last night so it was officially my last quilt of 2011.

Print fabrics are a mixture of quilt store and walmart fabrics along with a couple of charm packs thrown in. The solids are actually blenders from walmart.




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