Christmas Recap

Well, its over. My favorite time of the year. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go home to be with the family this year but I was there over FaceTime…Yay for Apple products! I got to see everyone open their gifts, including a couple of the ones that are shown below.

I didn’t do to many homemade gifts this year as there just wasn’t enough time and when a family emergency happened 2 weeks before Christmas it definitely didn’t help.Amazon to the rescue! hehe

One thing I did make was a couple of Kindle covers.

Kindle Cover

I don’t remember the name of this fabric because it has been in my stash for quite a long time. I love the large scale and thought that this would be a perfect project for this fabric. This Kindle recipient has the same Kindle as I do so it was easy to improve on mine.

Kindle Cover

Now, this Kindle cover was a different story. I could only go by the measurements on Amazon as this recipient was getting a newer Kindle model than what I have. I was SOOOO nervous about this one because I couldn’t test it out beforehand to make sure that it would work. It took every ounce of faith I had to tape up the box. šŸ™‚ I didn’t get a picture of it closed but it is all the same blue flowered fabric.

Kindle Cover

Turns out, it was PERFECT!! As least that is what I was told. I was sent the below picture. YAY!!!

Kindle Cover

Last but not least:

I made a couple of pillows for a family member. Short and sweet. I did simple straight line quilting on both of them and I think that it turned out FANTASTIC! They were 14″ pillow forms so a great size for lounging around.

Pittsburg Steelers Pillows

The backs were just simple envelope closure backs and were done in some Steelers yardage that I found on eBay.

Pittsburg Steelers Pillows

That’s IT! I took it much easier this year and it was well worth it. I have already used some of my Christmas money to go shopping for some things for me and I can’t wait for it all to come in. I have not made anything for me yet (other than a Kindle cover) and with nothing on my immediate plate, I plan to remedy that.




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