Fall Table Runner

I had a long weekend so I was able to get 2 projects done. One of them I can’t show you but it is fabulous! (Yes, it’s a quilt and that’s all you’re getting out of me!) I will post it as soon as I am able too.

As for the second project, I figured since Halloween was over next week, I needed a new Table Runner. So, I whipped up a Fall one yesterday (HAHA…I have always wanted to say that…Oh, just a little something I whipped up…HAHA.) Ok, so maybe I didn’t just whip it up, it actually took most of the day to cut & piece. Part of that could be because I was catching up on my tv shows too. As I got ready to baste it, I realized I am out of spray baste. So, I will have to wait to quilt this one.

The fabrics are a fat quarter bundle that I found at JoAnns a couple of weeks ago. The pattern is an Atkinson quilt pattern: Lucky Stars.

Fall Table Runner

It’s a little busy but our table is pretty plain, gorgeous, but plain. So, I think that it will look perfect. Now to decide on a backing for it. Do I put on a christmas back and make it double-sided or do I just throw on a backing and forget about it?

Hmmmm…..decisions, decisions.

I have another long weekend coming up and I intend to get the Wildlife quilt completely pieced and ready for quilting.



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