Day of W’s

First up on our day of W’s:

Wildlife Quilt Update! I haven’t done much on this the last couple of weeks. We have been out-of-town and I will be gone again this weekend. I am going to try to do at least 30 minutes each night this week and try to make some headway. Shouldn’t be too hard. I normally leave my sewing machine out all the time so I just need to sit down and turn it on.

I am using an Atkinson pattern: All About Me. There is a lot of cutting in this one if you are not strip piecing like the pattern calls for, which I am not. I am using 8 colorways and have 2 completely finished: forest green, & a gorgeous deep red/burgundy.

Wildlife Quilt

These are the other 6 colorways: 2 shades of gold/yellow, 2 shades of brown, a water blue, and a different shade of green. The strips that are already sewn onto the large squares have not been ironed back yet in the picture so you are actually looking at the backside of the strips.:

Wildlife Quilt

*****For my second W….I WON!! A blog giveaway!!

The Musings of a Craftaholic held a giveaway for Kate Spain’s new fabric line “Terrain” and I won! I won a charm pack and a 1yd piece. (A charm pack is 5″ squares, this pack has something like 42 squares)

*On a side not, she is having another giveaway this week…go check it out!

While I normally don’t gravitate towards new fabric lines (I tend to stick with just whatever I can find cheap in the color I need) this fabric has become my new obsession. I love every piece of fabric in this line. Of all giveaways to win, this was hands down the best!!

Thank you Libie!!

Kate Spain Terrain

I have to get the Wildlife quilt finished than it’s on to play with this fabric. Can’t decide if I want to do something small using just what I have or if I want to supplement it to do something a little bigger.

Hmmmm….life’s decisions are so hard!



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