More Mario…

I thought that I should post a few last pictures of Mario with the Binding on and it having been washed and dried. It has been heavily used this week! Yay!

Sorry for the crappy inside pictures. It was raining most of the weekend and I never got a chance to take it outside.

Mario Quilt

Coin: (The blue in this picture is WAY off)

Mario Quilt


Mario Quilt


Mario Quilt


Mario Quilt


Mario Quilt

You can see all of the free motion quilting really well in these pictures. I love the way it got all crinkled after washing and drying.

Started working on the wildlife quilt this weekend. Got everything cut up and now am in the process of sewing it all back together. Its going to be really big, but I think that it will be awesome. (At least in my mind, thats how I am picturing it!)




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4 responses to “More Mario…

  1. Wanda

    Would love this pattern, can you give me the sellers details? Did a searcg on Etsy with no luck.

  2. Wow. That is amazing. Well done. And welcome back to blogging (I was a little slow to realise you had started posting again…)

  3. Karen

    What’s a wildlife quilt? Where’s the pirate quilt? Love this Mario quilt, it’s awesome! Love the crinkles!!!

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