Holiday Weekend Accomplishments…

What a great weekend!! After getting my dog home from the Vet on Friday, it was time to start having fun. My idea of fun is finishing up works-in-progress and starting/finishing new things.

One of the finishing things was the basting of Mario. Yes, I only finished basting it, not quilting it. Slowly but surely this week, I am going to get that danged thing quilted. Its a little intimidating because of the way that I want to quilt it but that’s my goal. By next Sunday night I want to have that quilt finished.

I also got the green mushroom pillow done to go with Mario. Forgot to take a picture of it, but as soon as I do, I will post it with its red mushroom twin.

The last finish was the one I had the most fun with. I bought a book on Amazon a while back, Toppers for Every Table, and I LOVE it! Since we got our new dining room table, I have been searching for ways to liven it up. This book was perfect for that. I picked out one of the patterns on Sun afternoon  and made a table topper for Halloween.

I used a pack of fat quarters that I found at JoAnns a couple of weeks ago:

The backing is some fabric that I got from an Estate sale a while back:

Close-up of the front…the center orange square of spiderwebs is a sparkly/glittery print:

Close-up of the orange quilting…practicing my stippling for Mario:

There are 8 triangles in this table runner and they were the first REAL triangles that I have ever done…I have done the cheater ones on a past quilt, but this was the first time that I had actually cut out a triangle and sewn it to something else.  Bias edges are not as bad as I thought they would be!

OK, t minus 4 hours and I will be starting on my goal for the week ahead.

I’ll see all of you next Monday!



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