Kindle Cover

Because of a wonderful grandmother, I now have a Kindle! I am completely in love with it (even though I have an iPhone and an iPad). It is better than either of those for sitting by the pool or laying in bed. Very spoiling!

Last week, I remembered that we were going out of town for the 4th, so instead of that Kindle just sitting around the house it would now be bumping around in a bag.  I could not find a Kindle cover that I liked (or wanted to afford) so I decided to make my own.

I started out with a free tutorial that I found online but that quickly hit the recycle bin as the measurements were off and I didn’t have all of the materials that it wanted me to use.  So, I improvised. I cut some, I sewed some, I cut some more, I sewed some more, I ripped out some sewing, and so on and so forth. I even added a snap! I thought about an elastic loop that would slip over a button but I didn’t have any elastic.  The husband suggested a zippered pouch, which I love the idea of, but a) I needed to get this done fast, b) I don’t own any zippers, and c) they scare the bejesus out of me! 🙂

The inside of each fabric is lined with a medium-weight interfacing to stiffen it up a little and I quilted in a layer of scrap batting. I used leftover quilt backing fabric along with already made binding (that I decided to not use on a previous project) and finished it up in just a few hours. It isn’t protected against getting crushed but hopefully this case will keep it from getting scratched up.

I can see the parts that are not perfect but I am getting better at looking past them and enjoying the things that I make.


I have been slowly working on Mario. I only have 2 sections left. As soon as I get the next section pieced than I will post an update. We may be traveling again this weekend so hopefully soon.




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