“Pretty in Pink”

So, that sneak peek that you got a couple of weeks ago, was a baby quilt for some special friends who just had a gorgeous baby girl. Now that they have it in their posession, I can show it to you!

It was my first time making triangles and it was enough fun that I could make these easy quilts all the time! I started out with 3 charm packs of  “Sweethearts” by Benartex Fabrics. They were a free deal of the day on Missouri Quilt Co.

I than cut an equal amount of white-on-white squares. I took each white square & paired it with a print. After placing them right sides together, I drew a line on the white, from one corner to another and than sewed 1/4″ away on each side. I cut down the pencil line and voila! 2 half-square triangles. I think I ended up with 162 half-square triangles.

Here is my finished pile of triangles, half were opened &  ironed, half were not.

After they were all ironed and dog ears cut off, it was time to make a quilt top:

I had a perfect backing already in my stash so after basting, it was on to the quilting…I choose to do horizontal and vertical lines 1/4″ away from each seam. I debated on going diagonally also, but in the end I wanted it to be super soft and cuddly so I left it as it was.

I chose a super girly light pink for the binding. With all of the colors in the top, the binding was the hardest thing to pick out!! (As evidenced by the below picture, I can confirm that it is super soft & cuddly…hehe)

And the finished product…

The new dad is a huge Simpsons fan so I downloaded & imported the Simpsons font and used it to make the label. Being a simpsons fan and since this was a baby quilt, I thought it only fitting to put a picture of Maggie on there but with an “A” for Adrianna.

I couldn’t tell you the size of this. I am thinking it ended up being somewhere around 50″ x 55″. The only math I did on this quilt was making sure the backing was large enough and figuring out the binding.  Easy peasy.


Stay tuned, after I get back from my July 4th plans, a finished Mario quilt top is up next!




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3 responses to ““Pretty in Pink”

  1. This quilt is too cute. I am always looking for ideas for baby quilts. Hope you don’t mind if I use yours. Love it.

  2. Anonymous

    We love the Quilt!!! Thank you so much!!!

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