Sneak Peek…

Sneak peek of what I am currently finishing up:

162 Half-Square Triangles. My first time EVER making them.

This is all I can show you until it goes in the mail. Hopefully, I can get it finished and at the FedEx by the end of the week. This one took no time at all.  (I worked on it a few nights after work last week and did the quilting Sat evening)

If I do anything else this summer, I think I am going to keep it to small projects.  I have a handful of pillowcases to make up and a couple of small gifts. Its too nice outside to be at the sewing machine every weekend. Especially now that we have finally joined the country club. I spent half my weekend at the pool! To be repeated every weekend for the rest of the summer. I believe I will save my labor intensive and larger quilts for the fall when it starts to cool down again.

Maybe I should buy some stock in the sunscreen companies. I plan on purchasing an ample amount!



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