Estate Sale!

Who knew that estate sales of fellow sewers/quilters could be so fun! I found one at lunchtime a couple days ago and after washing out the cigarette smoke (the only non-fun part) I got some pictures of the haul.

I ended up with around 44 yds. Not too shabby! I picked up some holiday fabrics. I have wanted a couple of holiday quilts for a while now but I haven’t been able to justify spending the money for a quilt that will only be out for a few weeks at a time. This was the perfect opportunity to get them cheap.

Let see…

Christmas fabrics:. These are all 2 & 3 yd pieces. I think those bows on the left are my favorite. I love christmas ribbon. Although I am partial to snowmans. hmmmm….

and Halloween Fabrics.  (The candy corn is really a grape colored purple and not blue…looks better in person than in this pic) I have 2+ yds of the trick or threat and the orange and black. The rest are 1 or 1.5yd pieces I believe.

Boy fabrics. 2yds of the fishing and half yds of the other 2.

These gorgeous fish, which I think would be perfect as a small backing or fussy cut into squares. I think these are 1 or 2 yd pieces.

Cows! Since I have a family member who is obsessed, I couldn’t pass these up. These are just quarter yards. I am thinking maybe a throw pillow??

These are just some miscellaneous ones that I thought were cute. Check out the cursive one! Love!

The fabrics below are all multiple yardages so they will be perfect for backings. That is something that I lack right now. It seems like I can bust out a quilt top and than it gets put on hold until I go buy backing fabric.

And a parting shot of my “Stash” bookshelf. I have another pile of fabrics in the dining room that I am using for paper piecing but this is pretty much everything. All of my supplies and such are also in the dining room.


I have a secret project that I am working on now. I will show it soon, as well as a couple other completed things. I sorted out the next section for Mario and found out that I am short a few pieces of 1 color  so I need to cut those out before I can continue there.

Heading out of town next week. Up to bat after I return is a pirate quilt and a surprise paper piecing project being finished.



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