Quilt Updates

After shopping all day on Sat, I decided I need to get a couple of things done on Sun.

I finished up another section of Mario:

The brick is about done and Mario has feet and is now standing on a pipe. The next section is already sorted into baggies and ready to be sewn together.  Its slow going but I have hit the halfway point!

I also got borders cut and sewn onto curious george:

I am not sure that I love this one with borders but I needed to showcase some more Curious George fabric. Oh, well. I am hoping that once I get it quilted I will like it a lot more. Heading to the LQS tonight to pick up some 505 spray so I can baste this and start quilting it this week. I would like to give this to the recipient asap so I can focus on some other things.

3 posts in one day. I am now over 50! So far, my goal of blogging more this year is going pretty well. It kind of helps to keep me motivated so that I will have something to show everyone!




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